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home : editorials : jim hightower's common sense August 01, 2014

Perry's mess
Gosh, the 2016 presidential primaries are a long way off, but look out – for here comes Rick Perry of Texas, riding his state's taxpayer dollars into the GOP primary. Technically, he's not campaigning, yet he's popping up from New York to California, holding press conferences, running TV ... Read More

Boney Fingers v. Soft Hands Work
An old cliché says: "Hard work always pays off." Really? Ask a farm worker about that, or talk to a McDonald's fry cook working three shifts to piece together an income that still leaves them in poverty. "Work your fingers to the bone," goes the old song, "and what do you get? Boney finge... Read More

The GOP's minimum wage nuttiness
Anyone who works full time, ought not live in poverty. Period. Raising the minimum wage above the poverty level, is not a question of economics (even though it would be a big plus for our economy), but a question of morality. Who are we as a people, a nation – especially in the richest na... Read More

Corporations shift their tax burdens to you
Did you scramble to get your taxes done this year, dashing to the mailbox at the last minute? Yeah, me too. I really didn't mind paying what I owe – but I hate having to pay the taxes owed by the likes of JPMorgan Chase, Mitt Romney, Exxon, and Amazon. They're just a few of the astonishin... Read More

What job creation numbers don’t tell us
Have you noticed that The Powers That Be employ an entirely different standard for measuring the health of America's job market than they use for the stock market? They're currently telling us that, "The job market is improving." What do they mean? Simply that the economy is generating a... Read More

Can a $7-billion penalty be a good deal?
Media outlets across the country trumpeted the stunning news with headlines like this: "Citigroup Punished." At last, went the storyline, the Justice Department brought down the hammer on one of the greedheaded Wall Street giants that're guilty of massive mortgage frauds that crashed our ... Read More

Economists find creative solution to US unemployment
Excellent news, people. Let me put it to you as a number: 8.7 million. That's how many new jobs the American economy has generated since the "Great Recession" officially ended in 2009 – and it also happens to be the number of jobs that were lost because of that recession. Don't you see? Y... Read More

Do-nothing Congress takes a vacation
When I heard that our congress critters are taking an extended vacation for all of August and part of September, I had two incongruous reactions: Anger… and gratitude. Gratitude, because their vacation gives us a five-week break from the spectacle of right-wing mad dogs in the House yappi... Read More

Wall Street thieves should be ashamed… and shamed
When Wall Street wrongdoer Citigroup accepted what the media hailed as a whopping $7-billion penalty for defrauding its own investors and wrecking our economy, the bank's CEO just shrugged, saying: "We believe that this settlement is in the best interest of our shareholders and allows us to mo... Read More

Warning: Boehner at work!
Gosh, has it already been two weeks since Congress took a vacation? Those poor stiffs must be pooped from trying to catch up on all the heavy lifting that piled up while they were away from their lawmaking duties. And – gosh, again – in less than two weeks, Congress will go back on vacat... Read More

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    Recently Commented     Most Viewed
Centerville-Washington Park District opens new archery range (2 comments)
Judge orders Heat Night Club closed (1 comment)
Living Dayton all about community (1 comment)

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