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Spider-Man's Raid: Breaking even
The big story this weekend at the box office was, of course, Maleficent and Eight Million Ways to Die in the West. The former did better than expected, the latter did worse than expected. We might get a Maleficent 2, while Seth MacFarlane is probably fast-tracking Ted 2.The more interesting story t... Read More

CLEAR! (Reviving this blog)
Some of you (maybe about five of you) might be wondering why I hardly ever post here anymore. That's because for the past year or so, I've been using a Facebook fan page called Sir Critic's Social Cinema. Alas, that has become cumbersome, he said sounding Dr. Seuss-ish. . Since Facebook makes ... Read More

The minor Philip Seymour Hoffman
After the very sad and tragic passing of Philip Seymour Hoffman, I kept thinking back to his performances in Twister and Along Came Polly. Twister? Along Came Polly? Why those when I could be talking about Almost Famous or fricken Capote, for which he won an Oscar?Well, yes, Twister and Along and C... Read More

REVIEW: Liberal Arts
I rented this from Netflix because I find Elizabeth Olson very, very appealing, and indeed the movie works largely because of that. She and co-star/writer/director Josh Radnor have a very easygoing, vibrant rapport, so as long as the movie sticks with them, it works. Unfortunately, it takes too man... Read More

Every movie I saw in 2013
On the Big ScreenLes Miserables BThis is 40 B-The Impossible ANot Fade Away C-Promised Land BZero Dark Thirty AGangster Squad CMama BDjango Unchained AWarm Bodies BOscar Nominated Shorts A-Side Effects B+A Good Day to Die Hard DSilver Linings Playbook A+Argo A+Beasts of the Southern Wild BLife of P... Read More

REVIEW: Man of Steel
This is a fantasy. A careless product of wild imagination. And my good friends, Man of Steel is all the better for it.For months, I actively worried about this movie. The last one, Superman Returns, was better than most people say it is, but those who complained it was too meditative and ponderous ... Read More

REVIEW: The Great Gatsby
In my younger and more vulnerable years, I might have felt more generous toward Baz Luhrmann's wild take on F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel. But as it stands, it's more like The Good Gatsby. It's certainly more praiseworthy than most critics have said, but when the best praise I can give it i... Read More

Memo to Michael Bay: All Pain, No Gain (red band trailer)
Memo to: Michael BayFrom: Eric Robinette, your number one fan (LOLZ)RE: Pain & Gain - red band trailerMy dear Mr. Bombast (née Bay),I'm done, Mike. I just can't take it anymore. When even one of your trailers turns my stomach, I'm turning my back.I've been putting up with your cinematic cacopho... Read More

Farewell, my friend and hero
I saw Roger Ebert on two occasions. The first time was a lengthy interview he conducted with Martin Scorsese at the Wexner Center in Columbus. I remember vividly the ecstatic overload of movie love that poured from both those men. Marty chattered in his unmistakeable mile-a-minute fashion, while... Read More

Oscar Predix: Best Picture
Here's how I rank the Oscar nominees, from most likely to least likely to win:ArgoSilver Linings PlaybookLincolnLife of Pi Les MiserablesBeasts of the Southern WildZero Dark ThirtyAmour Django UnchainedAnd here's how I personally rank the Oscar nominees, from best to least:ArgoSilver Linings Playbo... Read More

Oscar Predix: Sight and Sound
Time to close up the Oscar predictions with the technical categories. Many people think these are boring, but think of it this way - without these, there wouldn't be anything to hear or see. BEST ORIGINAL SCORE: I really want Thomas Newman to win for Skyfall. It's criminal he hasn't got an Oscar. H... Read More

OSCAR PREDIX: Films and screenplays
Having gone over the actors, we now dive into the best film races that aren't Best Picture, and some of the other major categories this year. If you need a reminder of the nominees, click here.BEST DIRECTOR: A bit of a tough call this year. A month ago or so, I said Spielberg, but Daniel Day-Lewis ... Read More

Oscar Predix: The Girls
As was the case with the actors, the actresses have one race that is very easy to predict, and one race that is not so easy to predict. With the ladies, though, the shoo-in is on the other foot, in the the supporting category that's a shoo-in.BEST ACTRESSJessica Chastain, Zero Dark ThirtyJennifer L... Read More

Oscar Predix 13: The Guys
In an Oscar race filled with tough calls this year, I'm going to start off easy and call the biggest shoo-in of the night.BEST ACTORBradley Cooper, Silver Linings PlaybookHugh Jackman, Les MiserablesDaniel Day-Lewis, LincolnJoaquin Phoenix, The Master Denzel Washington, FlightI mean, come on. If Da... Read More

Oscar: Early predix in the big races
Well, I'm kind of glad I didn't write a predictions list this year, since I would have gotten my butt kicked, just like Ben Afleck and Kathryn Bigelow. Emerging unscathed for now, I will tread into the waters of early predictions.BEST PICTUREAmourArgoBeasts of the Southern WildDjango UnchainedLes M... Read More

The 2013 Films I Most Want to See
Some media outlets have put together stories forecasting what people are most looking forward to seeing, like this one. Most of them lists titles like the next Hunger Games and Hobbit movies. In the word of Homer Simpson, BOR-ING! Granted, I'm looking forward to some blockbusters, but my taste for... Read More

The 2012 Film Tally
On the BIG screenThis includes everything I saw in the theater. The X, if present, refers to the repeat viewings in the calendar year.My Week with Marilyn AThe Girl with the Dragon Tattoo ATinker Tailor Soldier Spy C-Carnage BThe Artist X2  A+ Le Havre B+A Dangerous Method B+Shame AHaywire BTh... Read More

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
Probably the best compliment I can give Peter Jackson's first Hobbit movie is that I now understand the need for two movies. However, I remain unconvinced of the need for three.My eyebrows raised when it was announced The Hobbit would be split in two, considering The Hobbit is shorter than any of... Read More

REVIEW: Lincoln
Most people would rank Abraham Lincoln at or near the top of the roster of US Presidents. I would rank Steven Spielberg's Lincoln at or near the top of the roster of this year's movies.And yet, it may not be quite the film people are expecting. It is not a Civil War epic. The ads prominently featur... Read More

REVIEW: Skyfall
How great is Skyfall? At the packed screening I saw, the movie got applause no less than three times.In one astonishing long, unbroken shot, Javier Bardem takes the mantel of best Bond villain of all time, and never lets go. It's the best-looking Bond movie bar none, brilliantly shot by the great... Read More

REVIEW: Wreck-It Ralph
INSERT COINS_ ONE READER  _ TWO READERSGO!Don't look now, but Disney just beat Pixar at its own game.Wreck-it Ralph not only is terrific fun, it's the best movie made by Walt Disney Feature Animation since its glory days in the 90s. Heartfelt, visually dazzling and wonderfully clever, the movi... Read More

MoviePass: The theatrical Netflix
Yes, I know, this place is awfully musty and dusty lately, but I did that on purpose to get into the spirit of Halloween. Ok, I really didn't. I haven't been posting here much lately, because my newspaper job takes up much of my writing energy. However, Sir Critic will become more active again so... Read More

Argo lies beautifully while telling the truth. That's what makes it the best film of the year thus far. Usually, when a movie declares that it's "based on a true story," it already feels patently false. That phrase is usually code for, "We based the idea on reality, but then made the rest of it up... Read More

REVIEW: Frankenweenie
Going into Tim Burton's Frankenweenie scared me - and not for the right reasons. Burton has been in a slump of late. Alice in Wonderland was hugely popular, but I couldn't see why. I thought it was cluttered whimsy that tried too hard to make sense of nonsense. HIs last film, Dark Shadows, was ev... Read More

REVIEW: Pitch Perfect
They say that the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Not me. The way to this man's heart is through his ears. If a talented actress can also sing, any crush I already have only intensifies. I already had a crush on Anna Kendrick. Turns out she sings quite well. Ergo, Pitch Per... Read More

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Centerville-Washington Park District opens new archery range (2 comments)
Judge orders Heat Night Club closed (1 comment)
Living Dayton all about community (1 comment)

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