10 things your cat can’t live without. Do you have them all at home?

Each cat has its own preferences, but almost none of them can resist certain objects and games. Do you want to please your four-legged pet with something new? Here are 10 (un)usual things that will make your cat happy.

1. Cardboard boxes

No toy in the world, no matter how expensive or luxurious, is in the eyes of many cats comparable to a simple cardboard box. This phenomenon surprises many people, but it has its justification.

The box offers cats shelter from all sides and therefore a safe place to hide and sleep. Cardboard is also great for keeping warm, scratching and biting. Think about it the next time you receive a package. The little beast will show you that you can enjoy even the little things.

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Boxes are the biggest attraction for a cat Source: Unsplash

2. Something tasty

If domestic cats lived in the wild, they would spend over six hours a day searching, chasing, chasing and ultimately eating their prey. It’s no wonder that even in the comfort of home, most of a cat’s day revolves around food.

A little treat is often the best way to make a cat happy. If you want to praise, reward or motivate him, offer him grainy treats or Felix cat pouches. They will satisfy all your cat’s demanding tastes and at the same time add all the necessary nutrients and vitamins to their diet in a healthy way.

3. Running water

Cats love to drink water straight from the tap whenever they get the chance. Fortunately, there are automatic water fountains specially designed for cats, so that they always have fresh, clean running water at their disposal. This will encourage them to take in enough fluids throughout the day.

4. Watchtower

They want to keep an eye on everything going on around them. This is why many cats prefer elevated places to rest and sleep. They often use the highest point of the scraper, the top of the cupboard or the window sill.

So give them the opportunity to rule the whole apartment and reach, for example, cat towers, climbing frames or wall shelves, which the cat can easily and safely use to reach the bed raised.

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Cats like to look at the world from above Source: Unsplash

5. Scraper

Claw grinding is one of a cat’s most natural activities. In doing so, they stretch their whole body, remove the old horn from the claws and practice removing and hiding them. Don’t try to teach the cat this behavior – if you don’t want it to attack furniture, upholstery or curtains, give it a cat tree.

6. Cat house

The plant Nepeta cataria (Nepeta cataria) is most famous for its ability to intoxicate cats with its scent. Some begin to sniff it and happily roll around where it was scattered, others relax and fall asleep satisfied after tasting the plant. The cat litter box is completely safe and non-addictive. It doesn’t work for all cats, but if yours likes it, don’t hesitate to give it to them.

7. Feather

Cats were created to hunt feathered creatures. It is the hunting instinct that drives them to play with feathers. Feathers should therefore not be missing in the cat toy set. Whether attached to a string, stick or plastic ball, they will provide your cat with hours of fun.

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Feather hunting is in the blood of cats Source: Unsplash

8. Toothbrush

Many cats don’t really like brushing their teeth, but they can’t resist a human brush. In fact, a moistened toothbrush may become your cat’s best scratching tool. Some people believe the fine hair mimics the feel of kittens being cleaned with their mother’s tongue.

9. A piece of nature

After your new pet has explored every corner of the house, sooner or later it will get bored. You can make your cat happy by bringing a piece of nature into their home. Whether it’s a twig, a pine cone or a rustle of leaves that arouses his curiosity. You will quickly see that your cat will really like these gifts!

10. Laser pointer

If your cat’s typical exercise routine involves going from bed to couch, she’ll need a little encouragement to get her body moving. A handy tool is a laser pointer – just point it at the ground near the cat and watch it pounce on it. This game will be just as fun for you as it is for your cat.

The article was created in collaboration with Félix

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