5 things you didn’t know about Cobra Tate

You may have heard the name Andrew Tate, but do you know that he is also called Cobra Tate, King Cobra or Top G? He is popular on Tiktok for his money-making videos and “male-female interactions”. However, we will share 5 things you didn’t know about the 35-year-old former kickboxer.

Cobra Tate’s father was a chess master

Tate’s father was an international chess master known as IM Emory Tate. “He used an uncompromising style and tireless h-pawn throughout his multi-continental career.” According to Chess.com.

Emory Tate playing chess / Credit: Chess.com

The first black chess grandmaster, Maurice Ashley, called Tate “an absolute pioneer in African-American chess”. His journey ended on Saturday when he died in the middle of a game of a chess tournament near San Jose, California. GM Cristian Chirila confirmed the news to Chess.com late Saturday night.

Chirila said: “During the first round of the afternoon he (Emory Tate) came out of the bathroom, mumbled ‘Call 911’ and the next second he collapsed.” The Romanian chess player said he saw nothing wrong with Tate in the first two rounds of the tournament.

According to Chirila, play stopped while the chess director called for help, and “the players tried to give him first aid.” Chirila further said firefighters arrived within five to ten minutes. After seeing [Tate] fall apart like that,” Chirila said he was just “moving the pieces around” when the competition resumed after an hour.

Emory Tate will be recognized as the most decorated American serviceman in chess history. According to the Chess Website, in the 1980s Tate won the United States Armed Forces Championship five times. His victories marked his progression in the United States Air Force, the first as a senior airman, the second as a sergeant, and the last three as a staff sergeant.

Andrew Tate was housemate on Big Brother 17 (UK) but was kicked out

Andrew Tate was housemate on Big Brother 17 (UK) but was kicked out after a video of him beating a woman went viral. After being kicked out of the house, it was revealed that the woman (ex-girlfriend) involved consented to what was in the video.

In the footage, Tate was seen repeatedly whipping his ex-girlfriend with a belt before punching her in the face. He hits her with the leather belt and yells at her as she lies on the bed in her panties.

Andrew Tate beats his ex-girlfriend in viral video / Credit: The Sun

While speaking exclusively to Bizarre, Andrew said: “This tape is a naughty sex video and we’re roleplaying.

“A longer version of the video shows us laughing and I hit myself saying ‘it doesn’t hurt’.

“I’m still friends with her and she’s in the UK with me now. I would never hit a woman.

“I think Big Brother is using this to get me out of the house because they’re afraid for the safety of the other contestants.

“They told me that if housemates hit me I couldn’t fight back and I had to wait for security, but I told them no. I am a calm person, but I would defend myself.

“I haven’t written any racist tweets either, and I haven’t found them on my social media. My dad is black so that doesn’t add up!

According to TheSun, a source claimed Tate sent the clip to friends in 2015 and it quickly spread near where he grew up in Luton, Bedfordshire.

He revealed: “It was quite shocking when I got the message on my phone via Whats App as it had no context.

“It looked like he caught his men texting him and he was pretty angry about it. I couldn’t figure out if it was consensual or not and the slapping sounded pretty loud.

“Overall it was pretty shocking and looked violent.”

Tate later claimed the clip was a “kinky sex video” with a Ukrainian ex-girlfriend from 2012, and that the producers used it to kick him out of the house.

Tate was kicked off Twitter after disgusting comments

Andrew Tate has been kicked off Twitter after his frequent disgusting comments about sexual harassment and assault, saying women “should take some responsibility”.

He tweeted that depression isn’t real. This sparked reactions on social media at the time. He was also ‘gobbled up’ on Twitter after claiming that women should ‘take some responsibility’ if they are raped or sexually harassed.

He wrote: “Sexual harassment is disgusting and inexcusable. However. A man looking at you, whistling at you, or asking your name is not harassment.

“This belief discredits as a whole. Stick to the serious definitions and stop pretending normal male behavior is rape.

‘Second – Harvey. Creep? Obviously. But women have been trading sex for opportunity for a very long time. Some have. Were not mistreated.

“Of course now they will say they were mistreated. However, at the time, it was a simple exchange in which they participated voluntarily. Not all. But a few.’

Andrew also said: ‘Next point, if you put yourself in a position to be raped, you have to take some responsibility. I’m not saying it’s OK that you were raped.

“No woman should be abused despite everything. However, in cases of sexual assault, they want to blame the victim, whoever it is.

“If you go out. Meet a guy. Take his drinks all night. Go to his apartment drunk. Start kissing her. Then he grabs your breasts. No harassment.

He added, “If I left a million dollars outside my front door, when it got stolen, people would say.” “Why was it there? Irresponsible”.

‘Take some personal responsibility. This zero blame game is detrimental to the female cause as a whole. Protect yourself.

His tweet about depression also read:

“Depression is not real. You feel sad, you move on. You will always be depressed if your life is depressing. Change it. Thread.

“There are very few fat, lonely, 60-year-old men. Without money, family or hobbies. Who is not depressed. – it is not a clinical disease.

“It is a circumstance that they must change. Most “depressed” people are unhappy with their lives, too lazy to change it. It’s simple.

“Then they claim to have caught a disease to absolve themselves of any responsibility. IT IS NOT MY FAULT, I AM SAD. Yes it is.

“People will do anything to absolve themselves of responsibility. IT’S NOT MY FAULT IM POOR/SAD/FAT/STUPID. Yes I am.

So people defend depression. They get mad when I say that. Because they need that bullshit to justify their own failures.

“Granting I’m right, they have to work hard to make themselves happy.” To avoid work – argue with me and pretend depression is a thing.

Andrew Tate deleted the @Cobratate Twitter account (last active October 29, 2017)

Between 2017 and 2022, Tate used three accounts: @OfWudan, @Cobratate and @MasterfulPo. All three accounts have been suspended for “violating Twitter rules”.

Andrew Tate House was raided during a human trafficking investigation

This year, Romanian police raided Tate’s home as part of a human trafficking investigation. The raid on the Tates home was part of an investigation that began after a woman was allegedly held against her will in the home.

1 credit

In the video, police officers with guns drive around Tates sports cars with a neon “TATE” emblem on a wall in the background. Another video showed Tate and her brother being pushed into police vans and driven from their homes.

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According to a Romanian publication, the raid was sparked by allegations that an American woman was being held captive inside the Tate residence. During the operation, police discovered both the American and a Romanian inside the building, according to the report.

“We are aware of reports of a US citizen being held against his will in Romania,” a US State Department spokesperson told The Daily Beast. “For privacy reasons, we have no further comment.”

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Tristan Tate has refuted the Romanian media allegation that police discovered ladies in his house without their will.

“No girls were found in my house and no one was arrested,” Tate said.

Tate and his brother make millions using webcam girls to sell sad stories to men

Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tate started a webcam business where men gave models huge sums of money after they fell in love with their fake sob stories. The brothers made millions from the business.

Callous Tristan and Andrew Tate admit their business is a “complete scam”, but they say they can’t be stopped. They claim to run a studio where 75 lingerie-clad models take calls for $4 per minute from fans.

Tristan claims one man gave away his £20,000 inheritance, while others ran up massive debts. And the kickboxing brothers, who grew up in a housing estate, can only sit and watch the money roll in.

It is the end.

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