A few years later, they revealed powerful images for the first time: Authentic reactions, facial expressions and gestures! What was the beginning of Diana’s relationship with Charles, her rise to fame and her end?

Twenty-five years after Princess Diana’s untimely death, a new documentary examines her life in the public eye using archival audio and video footage. After 25 years, we will see his authentic rise to fame!

Rise to fame and untimely death

In a few weeks, it will be exactly 25 years since beloved Princess Diana left the world. On this occasion, a new documentary about his life will be broadcast on HBO on August 13, which will once again allow viewers to have a more detailed insight into his life.

The documentary, directed by Ed Perkins, uses archival audio and video footage of Princess Diana to show her rise to fame and her untimely death. According to the first trailer on HBO, the film explores Princess Diana’s complex relationship with the media, from the early days of her romance with Prince Charles to their constant headlines, the breakup and finally how the paparazzi frenzy contributed. to Diana’s tragedy. died in 1997 at the age of 36.

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Had she charmed him as a teenager?

The relationship between Princess Diana and Prince Charles was constantly in the media, and even years later it is said to have been anything but ideal. In the documentary The Princess, viewers will have the opportunity to see exactly how their relationship played out in the eyes of the public and the media. Through authentic footage, you’ll see how they behaved, what they said, and what their facial expressions and gestures meant.

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Princess Diana with Prince Charles Source: Profimedia

Diana was a star wherever she set foot. The trailer begins with an image of the once-married couple, and Charles tells reporters she charmed him when he was 16. “I remember thinking she was a very happy, funny and attractive 16-year-old girl,” Prince Charles said.

Over time, Charles began to feel that although Diana was rising in the public eye, people loved her, she was the sensation of her time, so he instead found himself on the second track. These sentiments have been researched and confirmed by journalists – you will see the footage again in the documentary itself.

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Princess Diana and Prince Charles in Kyoto, Japan 1986 Source: Profimedia

A hard look at his last moments and his sons in 1992

The documentary tries to show reality as it really was, and therefore the sights of the constant “hunting” of Princess Diana, judging by her appearance, behavior, actions, may not be pleasant. The media pressure was enormous and Diana, although she tried to hide herself, hardly ever avoided attention. Journalists speak of a sort of obsession in society, and the crowds either loved it or hated it. It was also said that such excessive publicity was dangerous for the royal family, and before the divorce, the question of whether Diana was even okay was on the table. They judged her that she did not think normally and could easily become a monster.

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Princess Diana in the most honest interview for BBC1 Panorama /1995 Source: Profimedia

The most difficult are the images of the fateful year 1992, when she tragically lost her life. You’ll also see the burning of Windsor Castle, the paparazzi turning Diana away and, finally, footage from the funeral, where William and Harry were also present.

Unknown facts about the tragic death and the attempt to save the life of the princess

Diana died in a car accident on August 31, 1997 in the early hours of the morning. Despite the fact that more than 20 years have passed since her death, many question marks still hang around her. The new facts were revealed by reporters from Dailymail.co.uk, who brought a series of articles after their own 5 month investigation.

They gained access to the Paget file and brought exclusive interviews with the doctor who fought for Diana’s life and chief investigator, Lord Stevens. They talked about some facts for the first time.

Top Diva.sk What were her last moments? Could she guess what was going to happen? Unknown facts about the princess’s accident…

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