A woman can be complete and successful even without a man! Single life has its perks, these stars are praising it

Are you worried about not having a partner for a long time? Do not be sad. Even several famous women have had bad luck when looking for love.

Nevertheless, singles appreciate life because instead of regretting it, they look at the benefits it brings. When they meet the right one, it will happen and until then they enjoy their freedom.

Charlize Theron

Two years ago, Charlize Theron opened up more about her private life on her colleague Drew Barrymore’s podcast. There she revealed that for the past five years, she not only hasn’t had a partner, she hasn’t even been on a date. She decided to devote all her time to her children and her career. So she got busy and she didn’t miss the man by her side at all.

In the interview, she noted that she considers her life to be excellent and that she would like others to accept her as well, as she expects nothing more from them. Since Charlize is fine without a partner, she doesn’t want to listen to any advice about finding a partner and lectures about not being alone.

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Charlize Theron on the Fast and Furious red carpet in Los Angeles Source: Profimedia

Drew Barrymore

Even Drew Barrymore is in the same situation. She even decided that she would not want to remarry under any circumstances. He enjoys the single life and the main reason for this is children. The actress is a little worried about how they would react to the new man in their lives. “I don’t know how to date children. I’m not there yet. I have two little girls and I don’t think I want to bring men home,” she said in an interview.

The same problem is faced by many women who are left alone to take care of their children. Therefore, they think carefully about what kind of man they will give a chance to, so that he does not just disappoint them, but especially their children.

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Drew Barrymore, Women of The Year Awards, New York, 2017 Source: Profimedia

Sharon Stone

Looking at Sharon Stone, it’s hard to believe that she’s also been without a partner for a long time. She looks fantastic for her age and certainly doesn’t lack male interest. Nevertheless, the actress made an important decision after sixty years.

She decided not to go out with her anymore. Because she thinks not a single guy is worth spending her precious time on. That’s why she decided to live alone and enjoy the time spent with her friends and children.

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Sharon Stone has decided to stop dating, photo: Sharon in the Dolce and Gabbana store, 02/26/2022 Source: Profimedia

Teri Hatcher

Teri Hatcher also took a long break after her divorce. However, the actress was annoyed by the way some people looked at her during this time. They felt like she was just surviving and not living. In fact, she didn’t mind at all that she had been alone for a few years and hadn’t even tried to find someone. She was having fun, she had enough space for her own dreams and goals.

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Teri Hatcher. Broadway, May 2022 in New York, opening night Source: Profimedia

January Jones

Some women decide to stay single for a while also because their previous relationship experiences were not good at all. So they don’t mind at all if they don’t have a man by their side to lean on. They rely on themselves and know that at least they will not be disappointed.

Actress January Jones also says being single is a great gift. Because he can devote himself fully to work, which many people do not have the chance to do. At the same time, he has lots of friends, a wonderful family and fulfills his dreams. Thanks to this, she does not feel at all that she needs a partner.

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January Jones is also happily single, photo: January at the Max Mara Women celebration, Hollywood, Los Angeles, June 11, 2019 Source: Profimedia

Emilia Clarke

A few years ago, Emilia Clarke had also been without a boyfriend for a long time. The Game of Thrones star was mostly embarrassed by questions from those around her about who she was currently dating. However, according to her, the bachelor period was one of the most important in her life. She took it as something natural, discovered herself and then felt good.

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Emilia Clarke is also herself Source: Profimedia

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston has also experienced several love disappointments. Although she was recently linked to Brad Pitt, she has actually been single for several years. As she revealed, the only thing that bothers her about it are the comments from her friends and some people around her. She would like everyone to understand that a woman can be complete, whether or not she has a boyfriend, whether she is a mother or not.

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Jennifer Aniston, Los Angeles, 2019 Source: Profimedia

Selena Gomez

Gomez revealed in 2021 that she felt her relationships were cursed. That’s why she tried to take a break and especially wanted to find herself. According to her, she started dating a bit early and because of that, she needed to sort out her thoughts and figure out what she wanted the most in this regard.

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Selena Gomez, 28th Screen Actors Guild Awards, February 27, 2022 Source: Profimedia

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