Andrew Tate ‘Top G’ Meaning

Are you called Top G by your friends, or have you heard people call a celebrity (Andrew Tate) Top G, and you wonder “what does that name mean?” » Keep reading for more information.

Keeping up with social media terminology can sometimes be difficult, especially with the constant growth of new acronyms on the internet. Top G is a popular term right now, used by former kickboxer Andrew Tate.

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Tate followers chanted “Top G” during a brief outdoor rally in a recent Instagram video.

Top G stands for Boss, A Don, The Head, Kingpin, The Number One, The Big Cheese, The Top Dog or The Bigwig.

Example 1:

I got a call from ChrisYou mean Top G?

Example 2:

The neighborhood Top G was arrested yesterday. Yeah, I heard the police raided his house.

Example 3:

Andrew Tate has just released a new course. You mean the Top G? I’m going to go check

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