At work in the summer? Can’t concentrate either? 7 tips to concentrate and not run away with your thoughts on vacation – advised by a well-known neuropsychologist

You’re not alone. During the summer, many of us cannot concentrate at work on what we have to do and our thoughts are already on the holidays, or at the pool, or having a drink in the evening with friends.

Can’t concentrate on work in the summer? Here are 7 proven tips on how to do it

Unfortunately, the boss would probably not be happy with your performance, so you should increase your productivity. There are some simple tricks to keep your attention and be satisfied with the work done.

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Did you take your eyes off a task more than a dozen times before completing it? The ability to concentrate on hot workdays is science fiction for many of us. You’d rather go get a coffee 100 times, walk to the buffet, clean up everything around you, than finally get what’s on your table. You can already see yourself on an inflatable boat at sea or with a book in your hand somewhere on a sun lounger in the shade. Well, no one will do your job for you, so keep going and the reward for your perseverance will come later.

1) Temperature matters

You won’t want to work if you’re too hot. In the office or even at home in a home office, do everything to have a pleasant temperature in the room. “From the point of view of human brain function, it is crucial that you have enough coolants in space. When your brain is exposed to extreme heat above 28 degrees, it goes into protection mode and has need to cool down.

Therefore, if you are in a room where it is hot, our performance also decreases. It is recommended that work spaces be air-conditioned, or that the temperature in them be 18 to 20 degrees, because only then can your brain function optimally,” explained Robert Krause, neuropsychologist from the KRAUSE MENTAL CARE GROUP.

2) Water on the table

In addition to the correct temperature in the room, it is important to follow a regular drinking regime to maintain attention. The best thing to do is to put a bottle of clean water next to your computer right after you get to work, or keep it handy somewhere, and drink it gradually throughout the day. “Clean water supports the optimal functioning of the human brain,” added the expert.

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3) All you need is 20 minutes

To be truly effective, divide your work into chunks, don’t stray from them, and don’t alternate them with other tasks or activities that might distract you. “I recommend trying a power sprint, which involves focusing fully on a task for 20 minutes and then taking a short break. After that, you do another performance sprint so your brain knows exactly what it’s about. moment when I will give the maximum performance and immediately afterwards I will relax”, recommends the experienced neuropsychologist.

4) A break is practical

After a block of work, take a short break, take a walk, grab a coffee or something to eat. “Pauses should not be long, but more frequent. Better to have more small pauses than one large one. The human brain can only hold attention for 10-12 minutes on a certain stimulus, so it is essential to alternate stimuli every 20 minutes at most,” Krause explained.

5) Planning is key

Many people have different to-do lists on their calendar, on paper, or in different apps. It’s good that you write down your responsibilities, but create a single list where you have everything clearly written down, you won’t get lost and you won’t forget anything.

“Prepare a to-do list, i.e. a to-do list in terms of what you need to do today. It’s not enough to have defined goals, what you want to do, but it’s important to have a system in place, how you want to achieve those goals I recommend learning how to create a daily schedule and when you check off what you’ve already done, you feel more motivated, the brain rewards us and we feel even more motivated,” advises the expert.

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6) Treat yourself to relaxation

If during the whole working day you think about free time, the desire to swim in the pool at the pool or a drink, then just treat yourself after work to calm your mind, and in the morning you will be in good shape at new and ready for your next tasks. “Relaxing after work is important. Do the activities that give you more energy than they consume. Each of us should know exactly what gives us energy and pay attention to it,” he recommends. -he.

7) Short vacation

If, despite your best efforts, you still have trouble concentrating and keeping your focus at work, then really take a day off. “When you want to energize, we have to have it, and when you lack it, we have to get it somewhere. Research says that from the perspective of creating the so-called holiday stereotype, so it helps when vacation is 8-10 days.

But in some cases, when a person is already maximally exhausted, one or two days off can give them enough energy to function until the planned longer vacation,” concluded Robert Krause, neuropsychologist at the KRAUSE MENTAL CARE GROUP. .

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