Back on the showbiz scene! Meghan Markle launched a podcast, facing much criticism in addition to praise

What is Meghan’s podcast about and what are the answers?

Meghan Markle and her new podcast

Meghan Markle released the first episode of her new podcast to the world this week. And although her current work is receiving not only praise but also heavy criticism, she has already managed to place in the 2nd place of TOP podcasts on Spotify.

Actress, activist, writer and now also a presenter, it seems like nothing and no one will stop Meghan Markle in her ambition to use her influence and share with the world not only her experience of being at the royal court, but also topics that are not often spoken about openly. And all this without censorship. In the opening clip, he promises honesty: “Expect to hear the real me in them, probably someone you haven’t had the chance to know, certainly not in the past few years.”

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Meghan Markle publishes the first episode of her new podcast Archetypes, 08/24/2022 Source: Profimedia

She remembers an unhappy moment with her son

The streaming platform Spotify in collaboration with Archewell Audio, which reports to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, signed a contract of 25 million US dollars in 2020, while today we can enjoy the new series of podcasts from the Duchess called Archetypes. According to the press release, Meghan will invite historians, experts and women to the studio who have something to say about the main subject of the show, which is gender stereotypes.

It looks like Meghan will forever divide society and people’s opinions no matter what she does. The first episode, titled The Misconception of Ambition, starring Serena Williams, lasted less than an hour, and the Duchess spoke openly about being misinterpreted by some media, particularly when describing her experiences with the maternity and her departure from the royal family. She also touched on the topic of what it means to be an ambitious woman and at the same time the wife of the heir to the British throne, in which she shared a stressful experience of an official visit to Africa.

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Meghan Markle during the royal tour in Africa, holding her son Archie in her arms during a meeting with Archbishop Desmond Tutu in Cape Town, 09/25/2019 Source: Profimedia

Just before their official schedule, the cot she and Harry’s son Archie were supposed to sleep in at the time caught fire. Apparently the only thing that saved him was that he was held by a nanny at the time. Although it was a very dramatic moment for everyone involved, the royal couple had to attend the prearranged schedule.

You invited your girlfriend first

On the other side of the microphone sat renowned tennis player and close friend of the Duchess, Serena Williams. His story of rise from humble beginnings to global sporting success is rightly celebrated by the world. Everything she has achieved in life, she has earned it the hard way: dedication, talent, dedication and hard work.

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Friends: Hannah Davis, Nina Agdal, Serena Williams, Meghan Markle and Shay Mitchell at the DirecTV Beach Bowl at Pier 40 on February 1, 2014. Michael Loccisano Source: Profimedia

While in America the responses to his podcast have been mostly positive and celebratory, in Britain a few critical voices have already been heard, which is unsurprising given that media criticism of Harry and Meghan has long targeted the British media. Some objected to the disproportion of the debaters, since according to them, unlike Serena, Meghan only married well and therefore they are not comparable.

Hilary Rose for The Times called the new podcast “pure narcissistic gibberish”. The criticism is also that although Meghan is playing the role of presenter, somehow all the attention has turned to her, not to mention she keeps coming back. to the role of life, which she left long ago. Others blame her for leading an extravagant life thanks to her marriage to a British prince, where she has everything she wants and yet she complains all the time.

On the other hand, the American magazine Forbes called her podcast a “festival of love”, while the Los Angeles Times called it “a podcast in which two friends shared their personal experiences as friends, mothers and celebrities”.

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Meghan Markle publishes the first episode of her new podcast Archetypes, 08/24/2022 Source: Profimedia

Made for show business?

But one thing must be recognized. Meghan is made for show business, including hosting podcasts. His voice is pleasant, soft and listens longer. She herself seems very natural behind the microphone, warm and relaxed, sometimes even funny. Maybe if she gave the British royal court a better chance, her Californian charm would shine through more and everyone would live happily ever after.

Singer Mariah Carey will be her guest next week. The name alone promises an interesting listen. Realistically, no matter who Meghan has as a guest, she’ll always be the podcast star keeping people tuned in. And she knows very well that people are interested in her opinions, her comments and especially what she reveals about the royal family. And this is the basis for listeners to come back regularly and for his latest work to be a global success despite the criticism:

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