Beloved Sandy Has Passed Away… She Didn’t Find The Love Of Her Life Until The Age Of 59 After A Cruel Accident

The news has spread around the world, which will hurt the hearts of many fans of the cult musical Pomade.

Olivia Newton John has passed away

Australian singer and actress Olivia Newton-John died Monday at the age of 73. She rose to worldwide fame with the role of Sandy in the musical Pomade (1978), where she starred alongside John Travolta. The romantic musical was an adaptation of the 1971 Broadway musical, which depicted the lives of Danny and Australian student Sandy, who fell in love over the summer. Since then, he has not stopped comparing his love life with his role in the cinema.

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Olivia Newton-John as Sandy in the musical Pomade, she shone alongside John Travolta Source: Profimedia

She passed away peacefully in her home

The actress ultimately lost a 30-year battle with breast cancer, which she was first diagnosed with in 1992. During her treatment, she also became an advocate for early mammogram exams and raised millions dollars for research on this disease through his foundation. Her illness returned in 2013 and finally in 2018. According to her husband John Easterling, Olivia Newton-John “passed away peacefully Monday morning at her ranch in Southern California.” She is survived by her husband John (70) and her daughter Chloe (36).

Words to Heaven by John

The one with whom he is most associated, actor John Travolta, has already reacted to his departure. He himself lost his beloved wife Kelly Preston, also to breast cancer, two years ago. He wrote Olivia a beautiful message in heaven: “My dearest Olivia, you have made our lives so much better. Your influence has been incredible. I love you so much. be together again. Yours from the first time I saw you and forever. Your Danny, your John!”

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Olivia Newton-John as Sandy in the musical Pomade, she shone alongside John Travolta Source: Profimedia

She didn’t find the love of her life until she was 59

Star and beau Olivia Newton-John hasn’t had it easy despite her fame and success. On top of a long battle with an illness that she never had peace from, whether she came back or not, she didn’t even have the chance to live her life alongside a loved one.

Not much is known about her very first relationships since her youth, the actress kept this to herself, but the truth is that already in 1968 she was engaged to music producer Bruce Welch, who co-wrote her single Please Mr. Please from 1975. However, they called off the engagement before it was released. In 1973, she met British businessman Lee Kramer on the French Riviera, who would later become her manager, but their relationship ended after six years.

Only then did she find her first husband. While filming the 1980 musical fantasy film Xanadu, Olivia met dancer and actor Matt Lattanzi. They married in December 1984 and have one child together, Olivia, daughter Chloe Lattanzi. Nine years later, the couple amicably divorced and the two have remained friends.

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John Easterling, in whom she found the love of her life, star Olivia Newton-John and her daughter Chloe Lattanzi by her side, they have always been good together. Pictured at the first gala screening of the film “Score: Hockey Musical” at the Toronto International Film Festival, 2010 Source: Profimedia

A cruel misfortune and a wound that never healed

Few people may know this, but remember that Olivia has a wound that never healed. A year after the divorce, cameraman Patrick McDermott became her love. They had been together for 9 years when, in 2005, McDermott mysteriously disappeared on a fishing trip off the coast of California while Olivia was in Australia. He was never found, the accident was not explained, and what hurt Newton-John the most was the uncertainty as to whether his former love was dead or alive. However, a few years later, reports began circulating that McDermott had staged his own death amid financial troubles to free himself from high child support payments.

Olivia herself described the period as “traumatic” and at this time it is still uncertain whether McDermott is alive, although some say he should have been spotted in Mexico and South America. Her photos, as well as photos of Olivia’s first love, can be found in the photo gallery:

love through processing

At that time, however, Olivia already had a close friend who supported her after the pain, and in whom, at the age of 59, she finally found her love and married him. He remained her husband until today and supported her until her last moments. John Easterling, three years his junior (70 years old). She met him when she was interested in natural treatments for her disease. Stretlisa was at an environmental exhibition, where he exhibited his herbs, and Olivia came with her friends. Since then, a strong friendship began, which turned into love, and the couple married in 2008. Watch an archive video that records the most powerful moments of Olivia’s life and career Newton John:

The career and life of Olivia Newton-John in brief

Olivia Newton-John was born in September 1948 in the city of Cambridge, Great Britain, but at the age of five she moved with her parents to Melbourne, Australia. At age 14, she and her classmates founded the band Sol Four, which focused on country music. She later rose to commercial fame as a singer of this genre, selling millions of albums and winning four Grammy Awards during her music career. However, according to the BBC, she rose to worldwide fame for her role as Sandy in the aforementioned 1978 musical film Grace. Her duet with John Travolta, You’re The One That I Want, was a big hit of that film, which once ruled the music charts in the United States and England.

The songs Hopelessly Devoted To You and Summer Nights were also hits from the film. Olivia Newton-John also enjoyed success in the 1980s, in 1983 she starred in the film Two Of A Kind. Since 1979 she has held the Council of the British Empire. In 1981, she also received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Her first husband was dancer Matt Lattanzi, whom she met in 1980 while filming the movie Xanadu. In January 1986, their daughter Chloé was born. Her second husband was Australian businessman John Easterling, whom she married in June 2008.

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Olivia Newton-John and her husband John Easterling, one of their last photos together Source: Profimedia

Aid and awareness in which she has been involved

Due to her constantly recurring illness, breast cancer, she also became a proponent of early mammogram exams and raised millions of dollars for breast cancer research through her foundation. On the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Center website, she explained how she was first diagnosed with breast cancer.

“The diagnosis came the very weekend my father died of cancer, so you can imagine the shock. I had a partial mastectomy, chemotherapy and breast reconstruction. I was on herbal remedies , pondered and focused on the vision of a full recovery.” Shaken by this experience, Olivia’s outlook on life changed and she became more interested in natural remedies as well as environmentalism. Unfortunately, she lost her fight against the disease for the last time… Remember Olivia with us in the photo gallery, from her first love to her husband who accompanied her until the end:

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