Brighten up the bedroom with modern lighting. Bet on these 5 types of lamps!

The bedroom is our refuge and an oasis of peace, in which we always like to return to recharge our batteries. However, this room is not just about sleeping and relaxing, so we also need to think about the right level of lighting. The light in the bedroom should be functional, but also decorative. What types of lamps should be chosen to obtain a pleasant intimate atmosphere in this sanctuary?

In order to create a perfect interaction, it is necessary to overlap the lighting in the bedroom, that is, to use several strategically placed light sources. Choose them based on the mood and ambiance you want to create. Different types of lamps, their style and color temperature set the tone of the room. Come and be inspired with us.

Ceiling lights for the bedroom

Ceiling lights fulfill the role of central lighting, they are the focal point of the room. Ceiling height should be considered before purchase – higher spaces offer the opportunity to design bold pendant lights (eg crystal chandeliers), while lower ceilings require recessed ceiling lights (eg modern recessed LED luminaires).

Tip: Add a dimmable touch switch, connected to a light source, and adjust its brightness and color at any time of the day.

Wall lamps for the bedroom

Wall lighting is a great solution if you want to highlight or illuminate a specific area of ​​the bedroom. Wall sconces are often mounted on the wall in pairs, that is, on either side of a given element, such as a bed. Pay attention to the height of their location, so that they do not interfere and do not conflict with central lighting – their location at a height of 165-180 cm from the floor is optimal.

Tip: Also take into account the destination of this type of lamps. If it will serve as so-called spot lighting, e.g. to read a book in bed at night, the light should be below eye level.

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Floor lamps for the bedroom

If you’re looking for the perfect type of lighting for your reading or work nook, you should consider buying a floor lamp that will set the right mood. Designer floor lamps with a distinctive shade or practical models with an adjustable arm, the choice is yours. Do not forget to take into account the proportions of the space – the height of the floor lamp should be 150-165 cm.

Tip: It can be placed on the sides of the bed or in a cozy corner with a comfortable armchair, at least 40 cm from this object.

Table lamps for the bedroom

On the bedside table there is also a bedside table or lamps for the bedroom. The key to success is choosing the right height of the lamp so that it doesn’t glare or cast a shadow when you’re reading or working. Considering the standard heights of beds and bedside tables available on the market, the recommended height of this lamp is 45-90 cm.

Tip: The choice of lampshade will affect the level of brightness – dark fabric variants will absorb a certain amount of light, white shades will diffuse it.

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Modern LED backlight

LED lamps are becoming increasingly popular and are gradually replacing other light sources, e.g. Compact fluorescent or halogen bulbs. In interiors, they usually fulfill the role of accent (mood) lighting. By integrating it into the bedroom, you can achieve a pleasant intimate effect – use, for example, LED strips to frame the bed, atypical niches or shelves with books and other decorative elements.

Tip: All lamps in the bedroom should have the same or similar color temperature. A chromaticity at the level of 2800-3500 K is recommended, i.e. warm white.

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