“Emmanuel Don’t Do It” – Who is Taylor Blake of Knuckle Bump Farms

There’s a viral video of an Emu on Twitter and his triggering reactions. It’s funny the name of the emu is Emmanuel.

The farm worker known as Taylor Blake gets interrupted by Emmanuel (the emu) every time she tries to make a TikTok video.

“Emmanuel don’t, don’t,” she keeps saying, at a time when Taylor was frustrated, she told Emmanuel, “How does that make you feel if all you wanted and hoped for in life, do you feel fulfilled”.

The video has gotten over 12.2 million views at the time of this post. You can watch it below.

In another video, the other animals joined Emmanuel in the act. Look below.

You can watch more videos on the farm’s TikTok account.

Who is Taylor Blake?

Credit: Instagram (Taylor Blake)

Not much is known about Taylor, but we found out she has an Instagram account (@hiitaylorblake) and according to her IG bio, she’s “a slightly funny Jesus-loving lesbian.”

She shares beautiful pictures with her lover on Instagram and pictures of farm animals. She also has a “Knuckle Bump Farms” Instagram page where she shares her experiences with animals.

“A small hobby farm in South Florida dedicated to providing quality miniature livestock. Closed to the public. Bio reads.

Credit: Instagram (Taylor Blake)

His gay partner’s name is Kristian Haggerty. In one of his posts, Taylor opened up about being gay. See post below.

“I struggled with shame for most of my life, most of it due to being a queer woman raised in a devoutly conservative Christian family. I was ashamed of myself, deep down. of myself. I was ashamed of my identity, and even more ashamed that I couldn’t change it. I was taught that my sexual identity was a choice, and over time, I had more and more ashamed of my inability to “choose” a different sexual identity. The morally CORRECT identity, for lack of a better term. At least that’s what I was taught. Because of this deep-rooted inner battle, the shame began to spill over into other areas of my life. I began to hold myself to a higher standard than others. I was so quick to forgive others, but I refused to give myself up. the same grace. I was incredibly hard on myself and fought for the simplest mistakes. I became defensive and col time. I set myself standards that were unachievable, and when I failed to meet them, my failures added more shame. I spent years navigating through life, making mistake after mistake and never forgiving myself for the mistakes I made. I had almost forgotten that we are all human, that we all grow and that mistakes are part of growing up. All I could focus on was the shame I carried. ⁣⁣⁣ »

Credit: Instagram (Kristian Haggerty)

Taylor Blake is 29 and by the way, the couple are cute together.

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