Ex-DC Police Officer Who Survived Capitol Riot Slams ‘Insurgent Members of Congress’

Former Washington DC Metropolitan Police officer Michael Fanone slammed “insurgent members of Congress” during an interview.

“A lot of the conversations I had early on – many continue to this day, it was important that the officers, myself included, who went to the Capitol weren’t seen as victims. We were American police officers who responded to the Capitol and fought an insurrection to defend democracy,” Fanone said.

“I’m incredibly proud of that. And I am proud of the officers who continue, to this day, to uphold their oath to the Constitution and stand up for democracy in particular, my former department, and also, the United States Capitol Police who must do so and march in the same halls as some of these insurgent members of Congress. I couldn’t imagine sharing a workspace with these morons. »

He also commended the Capitol police and subway officers who continued to work to provide security for Congress in the years following the insurgency.

“It was important that the officers, myself included, who went to the Capitol were not seen as casualties,” Fanone said on CNN Thursday morning, the first anniversary of the insurgency when a crowd of Trump supporters besieged Congress. to try to stop them from certifying Joe Biden’s election victory.

He resigned from the Metro Police Department in December, saying “it is clear that some members of our department feel their oath is to Donald Trump and not to the Constitution.”

Mr Fanone suffered a heart attack during the insurgency and appeared regularly on the network in the months that followed to share his experience.

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