Filip Jančík and his Lucka: We are not a couple of stars, we have stars in the sky. Our common breakthrough is in discipline and perseverance

“A horse needs constant care, and the same goes for playing the violin. If I didn’t practice the violin for a month, I would make up for it in two,” reveals violinist Filip Jančík, while confirming that at At the very beginning, he and the love of his life, Lucia Supeková, had to establish certain principles if they wanted to give the relationship a chance.

He is our most famous violinist, she is the world number one in endurance (endurance riding). Although at first glance it may seem that this is a relationship between people who are at the top of their respective professions, but absolutely incompatible, the opposite is true. We asked fiancés Lucia Supeková and Filip Jančík, without which concessions or rules their relationship would have no future.

In the interview you will learn:

– how to reconcile the agendas of two extremely busy people,

– what Filip tends to reproach his partner from time to time,

– why is it difficult to live a real rest with Filip by your side,

– when did Lucka find out that her partner was going to propose to her,

– what do they do when they have a day off and enough time just for each other,

– how does Filip’s work affect their summer plans, for example,

– why couldn’t their relationship work without a good dose of tolerance and mutual understanding?

While preparing for our joint interview, in many articles about you, I came across such addresses as: star couple or celebrity couple. How do you respond to such sentences?

F: I always look at these addresses with a smile, after all, a person’s character is important. We have stars in the sky. However, it’s good if, as a well-known person in the media, I can inspire other people.

Filip, you are a world famous violinist, Lucka, you are an athlete – world record holder, when you won the World Endurance Riding Rankings in 2017. How do your two professions enrich each other mutually? Is there a common penetration in them?

Our common progress lies in discipline and perseverance. In both of our professions, if we want to get results, we have to work hard. We also found common ground in management. At the same time, we both know that ultimately getting the best results also depends on small details that some people don’t pay attention to.

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Filip Jančík Source: Filip Jančík

Both of you must therefore observe strict self-discipline, even within your own professions. How long did it take you to find common ground so that your relationship wasn’t divided by a full diary?

L: I can say that at the very beginning of the relationship we were able to seek penetration and adapt to each other. Filip comes to support me on the races and to help me, and I help him to organize concerts. Our two professions are mid-season, so our schedules do not overlap most of the time.

What is the most demanding thing in your jobs, to function in a couple relationship? Is it the lack of free time?

F: The most difficult thing is that you can’t put the violin and even the horse in the garage for a while, like a bicycle that you can ride even after 20 years. A horse needs constant care, and so does playing the violin. If I didn’t practice the violin for a month, I would make up for it in two.

Lucka, you have already commented more than once that Filip is a big workaholic and you literally have to “order” him to rest. How does this present itself in his understanding?

L: Filip is a great visionary. He constantly thinks about the projects he wants to set up and creates them. He doesn’t even have time to complete a project and he already has another one in mind that he is about to implement. Many people may not even know it, but he himself is behind all of Filip’s concerts and projects. He invents creative dramaturgy.

Even the summer surprises that Filip currently serves his fans every week come from his head. And since the latter is only scheduled for the last days of August, it is sometimes impossible to have everything to yourself. (smiles) However, his hard work, his love of the game and the enthusiasm with which he communicates with the fans are fascinating.

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Filip Jančík with his girlfriend Lucka Source: Instagram: filipjancikofficial

Filip Jančík and the song from the movie Gladiator performed by him:

Let us enter a little into your intimacy. What does it look like when you have a full day off? Do you dedicate it more to yourself, or do you meet mutual friends, family?

L: We always try to take full advantage of it. Most of the time we catch up on things we normally wouldn’t have time for. We cook something nice together, go for a massage, and since I like organization and order, I always look forward to cleaning up. (laugh)

We have been plagued by the pandemic for many months. Filip, the exercise of your profession was also limited, you had to postpone many professional activities. How has this manifested in your coexistence?

F: Despite the pandemic, I had more than enough work. I finally had time to develop ideas and new projects that I didn’t have time for with my hectic and hectic life. Lucka and I spent even more time together and despite being together almost 24/7, we did not experience the so-called submarine. We also used our time together to introduce Lucka to the depths of the music industry.

When do you live, or what part of the year, are you busiest? Lucka, we know that you also study, you also help Filip in organizational and marketing matters. Filip probably couldn’t have a partner with him who goes to cafes all day.

L: I would say that every year it comes out at a different time. We tend to be the busiest once we start projects and I have to focus on training and preparing for the race. This is when we really push ourselves and make the most of every minute of the day. Filip is lucky that I wouldn’t even enjoy sitting down for a coffee. (smile) I need to feel like I’ve used the day 100% and Filip feels the same. Filip’s energy can really motivate me.

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Filip Jančík with his girlfriend Lucka Source: Instagram: filipjancikofficial

What will your summer be like? I guess in Filip’s case, also at work.

F: As we have already indicated, I am preparing a big concert at the end of August, and at the same time we are already busy with the Christmas tour. If we have free time and energy left, we would like to run to the sea with our family to relax a bit and spend time together. We’ll take care of the rest of the summer as we go along.

During one of her concerts, Lucka got a very pleasant surprise – an engagement. Didn’t you have any clue that Filip was planning something like this?

L: She had. (laughs) We had two concerts in Stara Tržnica, two days in a row. Filip asked me to marry him the second. As I helped Filip with the organization and production of much of the tour, I knew exactly where, when and how it would be. Before the second concert in Stará tržnica, I noticed confetti cannons.

Since I didn’t order them and we didn’t have them the first day, it started to bother me. After the engagement, I asked Filip how he managed to organize himself and keep it all secret, I was very curious, because I knew it must have been very difficult.

Can you tell us at least something about your upcoming wedding?

F: We both want it to be special – not only for us, but also for our guests. We will probably not be able to do without my guests who have my little performance prepared as part of the entertainment. (smile)

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Filip Jančík with his girlfriend Lucka Source: Instagram: filipjancikofficial

You’ve been in a relationship for a few years if I remember correctly, four years to be exact. Lucka, can your partner still surprise you? For example, we know that he likes to cook.

L: You can surprise me with a smile on your face when I wake up in the morning and find the marks of his midnight cooking in the kitchen. He can surprise me with a spontaneous idea when he takes me to a concert of my favorite band.

Filip has repeatedly expressed that he likes your humility, your hard work, your ambition and of course you are also an attractive woman. But will you tell us something that your fiancé berates you at least once in a while?

L: Filip is a very tolerant partner, and perhaps one of the few things he sporadically blames me for is “unnecessary wearing” of make-up on weekdays.

How do you handle the onslaught of his fans? Are you jealous?

L: I see the support of male and female fans as a positive thing, it’s part of Filip’s job after all.

And Philip? How’s it going with jealousy?

F: I don’t consider myself jealous and Lucka gives me no reason to be.

You just posted a video – a violin version of One Republic’s Counting Stars. It shows beautiful moments of your private life. Which of you two is the most extroverted?

L: The biggest extrovert is definitely Filip.

With the song Counting Stars, they left the fans in their intimacy:

Do you often encounter cravings, say for your beautiful relationship?

F: Envy is a natural human trait of weak individuals who are dissatisfied with their lives. We will mainly focus on the positive moments in life and especially on how we can be even happier in life and please not only the people around us, but also our fans.

What do you always find time for, no matter how many job responsibilities?

L: For sleep and quality, good food.

What would you say to our readers who are going through a difficult period in their private lives? What needs to be balanced on your scale for you to continue to be happy together?

L + F: Respect yourself, value yourself and build your relationship, it’s like a plant in a pot, if you don’t water it, it will die.

See more photos of Filip and Lucky in the photo gallery:

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