Going into the water with just one swimsuit? Big mistake!

Burning and cutting while urinating is not worth ignoring. It is better to prevent urinary tract infections not only in the pool and to support the treatment from the first moment with suitable food and drink.

Urinary tract infections are a supreme concern of the fairer sex. They affect women of childbearing age up to 50 times more often than men. Exceptionally, they only appear once, they tend to come back, and they especially like to do so in the summer. “The activities associated with water, humidity, heat, reduced prevention and neglected alcohol regime provide ideal conditions for the onset of difficulties and the urinary tract infection itself”, confirms the MUDr. Juraj Sokol, from the private urology clinic in Trenčín.

Do you know that too?

You felt the urge to urinate. You can barely get to the toilet, where you can barely squeeze out a few drops accompanied by burns, cuts, or pain in your lower back. And again in a moment. You have a urinary tract infection. But where did she really come from? Perhaps from the swimming pool in which you and your friends enjoyed? “Not likely,” the expert shakes his head.

“The water in water parks and swimming pools is regularly disinfected and treated to meet hygiene standards, so the risk of infection is minimal. However, this does not apply to bodies of water which are neglected and uncontrolled,” adds MUDr. Socol. UTIs are most often caused by bacteria that are naturally present in the human body, just inches from the mouth of the urethra. As long as E. coli is in the rectum, it does not cause problems, but if you create conditions for it to move, you will pay the price.

A small thing with big consequences

Sometimes very little is enough – wipe the toilet in the opposite direction: it’s okay back and forth. Wearing inappropriate underwear or tango pants. Have tight-fitting, non-breathable clothes made of artificial fibers in your wardrobe. Or, after a swim in the pool, sit back in a wet bikini for one more drink at the bar.

“Women should take at least two bathing suits and two towels with them to go into the water. Before and after each visit to the pool, they should shower to remove chlorine and any impurities that disturb the natural microflora of the body. Then it is advisable to change into a dry bathing suit, and if they want to sit on a bench or lie on the floor, put a dry towel under them,” advises the urologist. Dryness and heat are absolutely part of the first aid, if you have already noticed a urinary tract infection. Avoid contact of the private parts with the cold and load your plate with good delicacies. What kind?

Something for the glass, something for the plate

Changing the pH of urine is essential during treatment, so you should drink plenty. One liter in the morning, one liter in the afternoon and half a liter before going to bed – this is very necessary for the urinary tract. In addition to water and unsweetened alkaline mineral water, diluted fruit juices with a high vitamin C content are also suitable, as well as herbal teas. And you can still do more for yourself. If you suffer from a urinary tract infection, D-mannose is highly recommended as an effective treatment, but later also for prevention. D-mannose prevents E. coli bacteria from attaching to the mucous membrane of the bladder and urinary tract, thus preventing their accumulation and promoting their evacuation from the urinary tract.

The diet supporting the treatment of urinary tract infection is the same for mild and severe conditions. It should contain a minimum of animal fats. Count on yogurts, cottage cheese and low fat cottage cheese, lean chicken and fish. An alternating diet has proven itself in many women, in which after a few days of consumption of animal proteins, one switches for a few days to a purely vegetable diet, in which, in addition to legumes, almonds and cashew nuts should not not be gone. But just adjusting the diet alone is not enough for treatment.

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Effective prevention and first aid

“Women report pain and burning during urination as the most common symptoms of inflammation of the urinary tract and bladder, which are closely related to the feeling of urinating frequently,” explains the MUDr. Juraj Sokol. D-mannose can help, which prevents E. coli bacteria from attaching to the lining of the urinary tract, which then cannot cause local inflammation. The FEMANNOSE N D-mannose medical device is designed in such a way that it serves not only as a prevention of inflammation of the bladder and urinary tract, but also as a first aid for the inflammation itself.

The granules of the FEMANNOSE N sachets contain the natural substance D-mannose. It is suitable for pregnant and lactating women (after recommended consultation with a doctor), also suitable for vegans and diabetics. It does not contain gluten, lactose and is free of preservatives. Thanks to the unique mode of action of D-mannose, FEMANNOSE N will help you prevent inflammation of the bladder and urinary tract. It is enough to use only one bag a day, even for a long time, and it is also very good.

FEMANNOSE N will also give you relief from burning, splitting or cutting sensations during urination and will also relieve the very feeling of urgency to urinate. It is recommended to take it alone or in combination with antibiotics in case of developed inflammation. If there is no visible improvement in the symptoms of the infection within three days, consult your doctor about the next treatment.

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FEMANNOSE N D-mannose Source: Klosterfrau

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