He is back in force in the world of cinema: Johnny Depp in the role of the King of France Louis XV! Unfortunately, Amber Heard is currently blacklisted by Hollywood

How did Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s career take off after the well-attended trial? The actor is back in full force, while Amber, despite her failure in Hollywood, has more than film projects. Secret trial documents have also become public, can they change anything?

We will see him in the first film, he also renewed the famous collaboration

Court battles between Johnny and Amber buried the two’s careers for some time, and already during the latest high-profile trial, it was said that the verdict would be crucial in deciding how movie companies and big brands would approach them. Those predictions have come true and while Amber is on the Hollywood blacklist, Johnny Depp returns to the stage in style.

It wasn’t long before Johnny Depp was cast in his first major film role and the first images were released. The actor will play King Louis XV in the romantic drama Jeanne du Barry. and filming has been in full swing since July. The film is shot directly in Paris, and on the screens we will see Versailles, for example, because the real Louis XV went there. to fall in love

The story follows Jeanne, a young worker who uses her intelligence and charm to enter a better society. She was also noticed by Louis XV who, ignoring her origins and her profession as a courtesan, fell madly in love with her. Despite modesty and etiquette, Jeanne moved to Versailles, where her arrival caused a scandal at court.

Jeanne du Barry is Depp’s first major acting role since the 2020 independent film Minamata, in which he played war photographer W. Eugene Smith. Later in 2020, Depp was forced by Warner Bros. quit the production of Fantastic Beasts after losing his first lawsuit against Amber Heard, accusing her of defamation after indirectly calling him a wife-beater in a tabloid.

Parisian productions Why Not, IN2 and France Télévisions are behind the production of his new film, but Netflix was also to receive the license to broadcast the film in France after the film premiered in cinemas. We would film

Johnny Depp also renewed the famous collaboration

If you still had doubts about whether Johnny Depp would come back strong after winning the lawsuit and whether the big brands would fight for him again, his former cooperation will dispel them. Dior is once again betting on the face of a well-known actor and he will once again become the face of the Sauvage perfume.

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Johnny Depp became the face of the Sauvage fragrance campaign for Dior. (2015) Source: Profimedia

Dior signed the actor in 2015, but pulled out when Amber Heard brought charges against the actor. After the new court verdict, they approached him again and, according to TMZ, Johnny agreed. Apparently, he has already completed his first photo shoot and the collaboration will net him a 7-figure fee.

Amber has turned her back on Hollywood, but she has a backup plan

The court’s verdict, on the other hand, was very unfortunate for Amber Heard, for whom virtually everyone in the cinema tipped over, and the actress was practically on Hollywood’s blacklist from week to week. The production companies don’t think her name would help her promotion, on the contrary, it would probably hurt her. Especially his role in Aquaman 2 has been much discussed:

Diva.sk Amber Heard owes the fact that she wasn’t fired from the movie to Aquaman itself. She also testified in court…

As for her next film career, the actress should reappear on the screen. While she continues to be rejected by all the production companies, it is possible that she will start producing her own films. “I would bet that one day Amber will produce and direct a film with an original concept,” confirmed speculation from her former agent Jeffrey Nightbyrd.

A book that can bring ex-husbands back to court again

However, the actress does not give up and decides to write her own book. She would be enthusiastic about the idea and has already had several early interviews that she wants to use. The book is supposed to tell his story, his experiences and also wants to tell what happened during the trial and will also comment on the harsh criticism on social networks.

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Distraught Amber Heard leaves Fairfax Circuit Court after the jury announces a verdict in favor of her ex-husband Johnny Depp, Virginia, USA, June 1, 2022 Credit: Profimedia

This idea of ​​Amber, who wants to tell her story, but also make money, could bring her and Johnny back to court again. “His lawyers will read and listen to everything Heard writes and says. If she goes too far, which is very likely, there is no doubt that she will get another defamation suit and end up in court again,” warns lawyer Dror Bikel.

Is public opinion turning against Johnny Depp?

Secret documents from Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s trial have recently been made public, which Guardian reporters say has shook things up a bit (although they don’t think they’ll change anything at all). attitude of the company towards Amber). They draw attention to the fact that several known names such as Bella Hadid, Halle Bailey or Amanda Knox have stopped following the actor on Twitter. It came after more than 6,000 pages of court documents were “unsealed” and gave the public uncomfortable new information about Depp. The documents contain allegations that Johnny and Amber’s attorneys managed to keep out of the actual trial.

The fees needed to release the documents were paid for by Depp fans who wanted to dig up some dirt on Amber, but also found the actor’s claims objectionable. In particular, journalists draw attention to the part in which it is described that Depp’s legal team tried to submit nude photos of Amber Heard as evidence. It’s unclear which nude photos they were referring to, but they weren’t part of the legal proceedings after all. If that happened, it would practically be revenge porn for the sole purpose of defaming Amber even further.

Reminisce with us about the TOP moments from the trial of Johnny Depp vs. Amber heard:

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