How to be really happy? Don’t expect a miracle, do it yourself

How to attract luck ? Do not rely on fate and do not envy the happiness of others. Start working to make yourself happy too! No one else will make you happy.

Some people automatically attract happiness – they have the perfect career, home, family, friends. They can indulge in whatever they want. Then there are those who constantly complain about their failure, envy those who succeed, and always wait for someone to bring happiness into their lives. But it doesn’t work like that. Do you know how to be truly happy?

How to invite happiness into your life?

Of course, there are things you can’t change – the family and childhood you had, genetics or age. What you can change is your way of thinking. This is the main step to tipping the scales in your favor and being truly happy. How to do?

Visualize the end goal

If you want to achieve something, desire something, clearly define what it should look like and imagine it as a reality. It can be, for example, a dream house, a new job or, for example, a baby you dream of. Visualization, that is, imagining what you really want, has a very important function. The human brain does not know the difference between reality and vision.

All it takes is a little practice: Close your eyes and observe each step, each progression towards your desires – towards the ultimate goal. Imagine everything in detail.

Improve radiation

The law of attraction also applies when trying to attract happiness. Positive thinking leads to positive changes. Conversely, a bad mood can lead to a whole cascade of misfortunes and unfortunate events.

Try these tactics:

Be grateful for what you have and enjoy the little things. Do small acts of love and smile at those around you. Spend time on what brings you joy. Sing with your heart, watch good movies, dance even if no one is watching, do whatever it takes to feel good. Positive energy will lead you faster and more precisely to your goals.

Work on your glow, photo: Former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo in a campaign for American fashion brand EXPRESS, 2019 Source: Profimedia

Do not stay at home, luck will not come to visit you until you invite it

If you want your life to change for the better, you cannot sit and wait for happiness to come or for someone to bring it to you. He should be invited. Go out, socialize, hang out with other people, sign up for a class that interests you…

If you really want to achieve something, you have to tell more people about it and show them that you can do it. If you’re introverted, just use online tools and social media to create a network of powerful connections.

Activate your intuition fully

Practicing intuition can help attract good fortune. Happy people notice stimuli in their environment that help them make the best decisions. They believe in premonitions and are quick to seize opportunities that come their way. Do you want to try it too?

Trust yourself

Believe that you can overcome obstacles – even those in your own mind. Sometimes we oppose happiness ourselves.

Don’t be afraid to take risks

Yes, risk may not always go well. However, if you don’t take any risks, you will also lose a lot of chances.

Plan, but also leave holes open for outside influences

Success takes determination and hard work, as well as good timing. Take responsibility for your own future, focus on the goal and make plans. Try to walk in their path, but at the same time leave the door ajar so fate can step in your way.

If you make full use of these strategies, luck will be your companion. Don’t let your happiness depend on someone else:

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