I didn’t expect there to be celebrities who have different standards. It’s new to me that I can’t say things out loud and I won’t get used to it, says Simona Salátová

“My main question is, what is this life for?” says Simona about body positivity.

With Simona on life, work and body positivity

Simona Salátová is one of our famous actresses. She rose to prominence not only because of her humor and stand-up comedy, but also gained attention through an open interview with Dominika Cibulková during the pandemic, in which she criticized her for her travels and his vaccination. In addition, Simona often talks about the subject of body positivity, to which she also dedicated her podcast. She has already come into conflict with some models and MISS. During the Markíza TV party, we managed to interview him and ask questions on various topics for you. Read Simona’s interview, thanks to whom my corners moved more than once during the interview…

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Simona Salátová Source: Instagram: simonacomedy

Simi, you recently had a public dispute with Dominika Navara Cibulková. Tell us how you felt about this whole situation? Weren’t you afraid to be honest?

It is the profession of comedian, which I exercise in competition. I don’t expect there are celebrities in Slovakia who have different standards. It’s new to me not being able to say things out loud and I’m not going to get used to it. I am very happy that Markíza still gives me the space to say what I really think. They don’t censor me and that’s great.

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In the context of the subject of body shaming, how do you perceive it in general? You also commented on the MISS contest address about how MISS girls are too thin and similar…

I think being too fat is just as bad as being too thin. And this is demanded of her as a standard of beauty. I also have a 90/60/90 podcast, where I talk to a lot of people who have been there, I’ve had psychologists there too, so I dare say I don’t “suck” the information at my fingertips, but it’s these enriching encounters, which can always encourage me to really stand up to such things, when a person has the public power to do so and can do so. I still see it as a responsibility.

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Simona Salátová Source: Instagram

What is your long-term goal with your podcast?

I would like to get to the third series. But it’s in the stars. As much as it enriches me, it obviously enriches these people, and that’s why it makes sense to me.

Do you personally have any experience, for example, of a podcast where women confided in how they suffered in the world of modeling?

I have, yes. Not directly from the podcast, but from social media posts. People tell me the whole story in one message, which I really appreciate. Many women have written to me that they were in modeling, but they couldn’t take it mentally anymore. They managed to look good, but they didn’t feel good. My main question is: what is this life for? Many times she is thin, by our standards – a beautiful girl looks at a plus size girl who has a completely different confidence and hasn’t had to go without a pug yet. It is then very difficult for the thin girl. Everyone should do things in a way that tries to have a good time and love each other.

Each of us has our best and worst times. When it gets worse, how do you deal with it?

You know what, like you said, I’m having a bad time right now, but I don’t like to call it worse or lower. I try to fix it in my head, because I’m not Buddha and I’m still on this path, but the goal is to realize that I’m still me. I can still look pretty, I can think that about myself, and I can work with myself. When I’m not satisfied with something, I know how to do something about it. Sometimes the mental load is greater, sometimes I can work more, sometimes less. I’m mostly learning to be good to myself.

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Simona Salátová Source: Instagram: simonacomedy, photo: Lenka Imrichova Kandrava

How do you personally perceive these media appointments of our “celebrities”, which in my opinion are often quite superficial. How can you depersonalize yourself?

The more celebrities I meet, the more I realize that they really are great people. It has not happened to me to meet anyone, with a few exceptions, that someone behaves differently in front of the camera than in reality. I’m not used to anything but a comedian. There are a lot of celebrities that I often only see in magazines and on TV, so I also worry about sweating (laughs). I go there more often to see if I have a good lipstick and such. (laugh). They say celebrities have a curious eye, but that’s just a misconception…

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