I don’t pretend to be someone I’m not and I don’t try to tell myself that I’m fine when I’m not, says Ema Müller

“There are so many things going on in my head. Every time I was so empty, I wrote about it,” says the daughter of the famous singer.

Reality and honesty are like saffron, Ema is an example

Ema Müllerová (28) won the hearts of women and men. Mainly thanks to the fact that he shows his life without pretense, real as it is, which is really rare these days. Many women can relate to her, and on bad days Ema shows that she’s okay, even she has times when she feels empty, confused or sad.

A woman’s mind is a well of feelings, we are always digging into something, we are stuck in the past or we are desperately thinking about the future. Thanks to Emma, ​​many of us are learning to live in the present, to enjoy the little things, to be grateful, and to realize how precious and beautiful our lives are. The contributions of the young model and author always carry a message. Even now, his words are worth considering.

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Ema Müller’s post on Instagram Source: Instagram: emamuller

“There are so many things going on in my head. And when I’m tired like today, when I feel vulnerable like today, when I’m scared like today, I listen to it a little more. I listening deep. Up to the height of the clouds and down to the bottom of the sea. Either too high or too deep, that’s where the truest words always come out of my mouth. I fly or I sail when I want as much space as possible to listen to my inner self.”

No pretense

It is an example of naturalness and self-seeking, of one’s value, of self-love. He traces his journey on Instagram and shares his “highs and lows” with fans. It’s great in this often superficial world where we have been invaded by social media, filters and many have lost their SELF, to watch someone who is real and not pretending.

“I don’t hide my feelings with makeup. I don’t pretend to be someone I’m not. I don’t use it to tell myself I’m okay when I’m not okay. I won’t curl back no plus my eyelashes to blind me to the reality in front of my eyes Although sometimes I like to embellish her, hey, but not so much that she loses her own features I don’t want to be superficial with myself, but sometimes my beautified surface helps me not be so hard on myself,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

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Ema Müllerová Source: Instagram: emamuller

It also inspires fashion

Ema has great taste and style for fashion. Her outfits have a touch of femininity, sophistication and a certain model vibe. She likes to wear comfortable outfits, but at the same time very trendy. Self-love, which Ema widely promotes and is dedicated to, can also be linked to the pieces we wear. The daughter of a famous singer is also an inspiration in the field of fashion. She likes simplicity, which she embellishes here and there with something unconventional, a designer handbag, a bare back or pretty accessories. And her outfits?

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Ema Müllerová has good taste Source: Instagram: emamuller

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