Jen Psaki stole $10 million from Canadian truckers – Ted Cruz

In a new interview, Ted Cruz says Jen Psaki stole $10 million from Canadian truckers through gofundme.

“We have seen Jen Psaki from the white house call gofundme to effectively steal $10 million from Canadian truckers because this white house is willing to abuse the power of government to silence people’s free speech and that is wrong “. Ted said during an interview with Fox News.

Additionally, truckers and supporters from across Canada have converged on Ottawa to protest COVID-19 vaccination regulations, bringing the nation’s capital to a standstill.

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas greeted the caravan of truckers, saying the protesters are also fighting for “American freedom.”

Canadian Truckers Demonstration

After trucks protesting vaccination requirements and other COVID-19 regulations temporarily blocked the busiest border crossing between the United States and Canada on Tuesday, Canadian lawmakers expressed growing concern about the impact economics of disruptive gatherings.

The protests are also causing a deep ideological divide among Canadians. And, according to at least one poll, many Canadians fear political unrest in the United States will spill over into their own country.

The roadblock at the Ambassador Bridge between Detroit and Windsor, Ont., has kept some traffic going to the United States, according to Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino, who called the bridge “one of the most vital in the world. It carries 25% of all cross-border trade between Canada and the United States.

“I’ve heard from automakers and food grocers before. This is truly a serious cause for concern,” said Canadian Transport Minister Omar Alghabra.

Daily protests by the so-called Freedom Truck Convoy are centered in Ottawa, where protesters have paralyzed parts of the capital for more than ten days with hundreds of trucks parked. Protesters said they would not leave until all mandatory vaccines and COVID-19 limitations are repealed.

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