Love suits her well, she shines like that next to the muscular Peter! Zora Czoborová has found happiness in the arms of a younger partner, but she’s not the only one, who else?

“I am happy and grateful that life has given me,” Zora wrote of her partner. Which couples have a bigger age difference and still get along well?

Love has no age

We often come across the opinion that women or men desire a partner with certain age requirements, but the man thinks, God changes. You can never predict what kind of person will come into your life and when you feel like it’s the right one, age doesn’t matter. Many well-known faces, both Slovak and foreign, are an example of this. One of them is Zora Czoborová, who found happiness alongside Peter. There are fourteen years of difference between them and they have been together for 8 years. They celebrated their birthday a few days ago.

It is said that the ideal age difference between a woman and a man is 7 years, but a man should be older. To be honest, the word “should” is very subjective. If you and your partner understand each other, age plays no role in the relationship. Zora shines like never before and loves to show her love on her Instagram. She writes amorous captions for joint photos: “I enjoy the world with you.” “I am happy and grateful that life has blessed me with you.” “My love, my world.”

Do opposites really attract?

In one post, Zora wrote that she and her partner are completely different. Relationship counselors and psychologists speak rather negatively about the fact that opposites attract. However, there are obviously couples who are comfortable with being different and who complement each other.

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Zora Czoborová with her husband Peter Source: Instagram: zoraczoborova

“We’re completely different. He’s an introvert, I run to everyone with open arms. He’s cautious, I’m fickle (I try, but sometimes my light goes out). He’s cautious, I don’t I have NO problem, I will try everything, the more dangerous the better.He is educated, but not that I am completely stupid, but contrary to his “checkered cybernetics”.He is well balanced and in the picture of the world. I only hang out in the fit life and detective novels. Just JING🤍 and JANG🖤 with us live,” Zora wrote.

Which couples work despite the age difference?

Our favorite fitness girl isn’t the only one who’s found a younger partner and is happy with him. From Hollywood, couples with an age gap include, for example, Megan Fox (36) and Machine Gun Kelly (32), Olivia Wilde (38) and Harry Styles (28), Alec Baldwin (64 years) and Hilaria Baldwin (38), Michael Douglas (77) and Catherine Zeta-Jones (52), Blake Lively (34) and Ryan Reynolds (45), Nick Jonas (29) and Priyanka Chopra Jonas (40).

See in the video that it works despite the age difference:

In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, these couples include for example: Kristína Svarinská (32 years old) and Peter Altof (25 years old), known as Expl0ited, Adela Vincezová (41 years old) and Viktor Vincze (31 years old), Zdena Studenková (68 years old) and Braňo Kostka (51), Hana Gregorová (69), Lucie Bíla (56), Radek Filipi (39), Vojta Dyk (37), Tatiana Vilhemová (44).

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Age doesn’t matter in love, photo: Viktor and Adela Vincze, Kristína Svarinská, Peter Altof, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Source: Profiemdia

See in the photo gallery all couples with an age difference from all over the world, from the Czech Republic and Slovakia:

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