Marjorie Taylor Greene Says “Satan Tells Women to Have Abortions”

According to Marjorie Taylor Greene, women have abortions because Satan has whispered in their ears that if they do, the guy they date will marry them.

The video shared by Ron Filipkowski sparked reactions on Twitter.

Marge Greene says that when women have abortions, it’s because Satan has whispered in their ear and promised that if they do, the guy they’re with will marry them.

— Ron Filipkowski 🇺🇦 (@RonFilipkowski) April 29, 2022

However, we might recall that in 2021 Taylor Greene was criticized for saying abortion should be banned because motherhood makes women ‘better’

At that time, Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican from Georgia, was criticized for saying that abortions “frighten your soul” and that women should be reminded that “the best thing they can do with their whole life is to be a mother. ”

Ms Greene said the federal government should restrict reproductive rights to protect women’s ‘souls’ and make them ‘better people’ by cutting access to abortion care while speaking to the site right-wing streaming company Real America’s Voice.

“If we really care about women, as we say, then we should be telling women that the best thing they can do in their entire lives is to be a mother,” Ms Greene said.

“Being a mother is the greatest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life, no matter what I’ve been doing all my life,” she added.

“I will never do anything greater than being a mother, it’s a real gift, whether a pregnancy is planned, whether the baby is born perfectly healthy or not. Being a mother is life changing, life changing and makes better women.

She also claimed that abortions “are actually things that can scar your body, they hurt you inside. And not only do they frighten your soul, and women have to live with that. We should take care of women, love women and teach them, you know how to take care of themselves, and that would be a proud mom.”

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