Markíza has already confirmed the list of names in the popular show Your face looks familiar to me: which stars will soon appear together on the television screen?

The show Your face looks familiar returns to the screens and Markíza promises a lot of fun. It introduced 8 famous stars, who can you expect in the seventh season?

The list of performers of the show Your face seems familiar to me

The popular show Your Face Looks Familiar returns to the screens with some big news. Also this time, seasoned and experienced moderator Martin Nikodým will guide the audience through the show. There have been changes to the judging panel and we will also see some new star faces.

“As of September 4, 2022, the public can expect ten Sunday evenings full of great musical numbers and popular Slovak stars in the roles of global and national pop music icons”, informs TV Markíza.

Not only well-known actors and actresses will perform on stage in completely new clothes, but the jury will also undergo small changes. Regulars on the show are singer Mário “Kuly” Kollár and Zuzana Kubovčíková Šebová, and the four will be joined by SuperStar judge Marián Čekovský. However, MMA wrestler and star of Let’s Dance – Attila Végh will attempt a whole new role. The moderator will again be Martin Nikodým. Photos of contestants and featured presenters are available in our gallery:

Eight new candidates

Likewise, as in every series, Markíza has selected 8 candidates who will turn into Slovak or world stars every Sunday. Viewers will see some familiar faces, but also a new cast member from the upcoming second series of the popular Second Chance. Four women and four men will demonstrate their talents as actors, singers and dancers. The list of star names is now final.

Among the women, Viki Ráková from Susedov, Lívia Bielovič from Druha šanče and Natália Puklušová from Oteckov, as well as the popular humorist Simona Salátová will perform. Among the men, you can expect last year’s SuperStar winner Adam Pavlovčin, talented Ondrej Kandráč, actor and singer Matúš Kolárovský and serial newcomer you’ll only see on screens – Karol Toth. You can find photos of other star competitors in our gallery:

What are the feelings of the eight new candidates before the show?

Viki Rakova

“I was very surprised to be approached to appear on the show. My first reaction was of course no! I know it will take me 10 weeks and I’ve never been away from children for that long. But then my boys persuaded me to go and most importantly enjoy it. I really can’t wait to see the show now! And I’m full of anticipation, enjoyable tension, and hope I can entertain the audience,” revealed Viki to Markíza.

Photo gallery

Viki Ráková will appear in the 7th series of Your Face Looks Familiar. Source: TV Markiza

Livia Bielovic

The actress is known to viewers as the director of the Adela hospital from the television series Druhá chance. Although she is often strict on screen, she will now show her cowardly side. “I always imagined which performer would be right for me, with whom I would sing and dance, and with whom I would laugh too. I think we have become a great group. It will be difficult, but I like the moments when I am outside out of my comfort zone,” says Lívia.

Photo gallery

Lívia Bielovič will appear in season 7 of Your Face Looks Familiar. Source: TV Markiza

Simona Salatova

The well-known actress loves big challenges and now she’s curious to know how far she can go beyond her own limits.

Photo gallery

Simona Salátová will appear in the 7th series of Your Face Looks Familiar. Source: TV Markiza

Matus Kolarovsky

Even Matúš Kolárovský was not afraid of the challenge, who is very happy with this new chance. He claims he will have to dance the most.

Photo gallery

Matúš Kolárovský will appear in the 7th series of Your Face Looks Familiar. Source: TV Markiza

Karol Toth

The charming young actor has already starred in several Slovak and Hungarian series and is no stranger to acting. From September, viewers will also see him in the series Druhá šanča, where he will play doctor Daniel Čierne. “What drives me about acting is that I try out a different character every month, I ‘step’ into someone else’s shoes. Well, now I’m going to have every week. Farewell, comfort zone!”

Photo gallery

Karol Tóth will appear in the 7th series of Your Face Looks Familiar. Source: TV Markiza

The audience really has something to look forward to, as we will see star names on the TV screen. You can find photos of other star competitors in our gallery:

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