MI GOP candidate condemns abortion of rape victims, says ‘baby could be next president’

Garrett Soldano, the Republican candidate for governor of Michigan this year, said he opposes abortions for sexual assault survivors who become pregnant as a result of rape.

Soldano made his comments during a Monday interview with April Moss on right-wing outlet Real America’s Voice.

“It tore his heart a bit when he found out, but then he started to really appreciate and understand what his birth mother went through,” Soldano said. “She had the courage to free him. And… since its birth, it has helped thousands of people become better versions of themselves.

Garrett Soldano, a GOP candidate for governor of Michigan, says we need to inspire women who have been raped to understand how heroic they are in giving birth and to see that “God placed them in this moment.”

They don’t know “that baby inside them could be the next president”. pic.twitter.com/uVVqX2G54S

— Heartland Signal (@HeartlandSignal) January 31, 2022

“They don’t know, that little baby inside them can be the next president, can be the next person who will change humanity, can get us out of this situation maybe in the future. We don’t know that,” added Soldano.

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