Mójobchod celebrates its 10th anniversary with a Grand Concours

Since its foundation, it has already announced several milestones, but in 2022 it can be proud of even more innovations.

The retail food chain Mojôbchod has had extraordinary successes this year.

By opening the 737th store, the brand secured second place in terms of number of franchises on the Slovak market. She succeeded mainly by trying to get as close as possible to her customers, offering a quality assortment and creating a more pleasant place to shop.

The brand also progresses thanks to the monitoring of market trends and needs. This is also why in 2022 it launched a new application called Môjobchod Extra, with which customers can take advantage of numerous discounts and advantages. The app is also associated with a well-known face, Gizka Oňová, who has been appearing in TV spots and social media since August 2022.

10 years and 10x chance to win over 100 prizes

For 10 years, the food retail chain Møjobchod has been the best neighbor and a nice place to shop at great prices. As a thank you for the trust and long-term favor of its customers, it has prepared a Grand Contest, with which it wants to reward loyal customers with valuable prizes. A customer who buys more than 10 euros and registers via the Môjobchod Extra application has 10 times more chances of winning.

Customers are motivated to win valuable prizes – a new Kia Rio car, an Apple iPhone 13 mobile phone (VAT included) and other useful household products.

The contest runs until November 7, 2022.

Although the brand is constantly trying to attract new customers, repeat customers are just as important to it. Therefore, even after 10 years, it is not stagnating, but on the contrary, it is looking for new ways to get as close as possible to customers and constantly bring them the best quality products at the best prices.

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