My whole life is marked by the need to lose weight, which is why I also went to the spa, Evelyn openly admits

Evelyn on diets: “Ever since I’ve been alive, I’ve felt the need to lose weight,” says the well-known comedian.

He has been on a diet since childhood

Evelyn is one of the best actresses in Slovakia. We know her mainly from TV screens, she recently managed to lose a lot of weight, in an interview she told us how she achieved it and what she does to keep in shape.

The recent “Jaaau PS: It Hurts” podcast, which Evelyn has with Petra Polnišová, was all about dieting and weight loss. In it, Evelyn admitted that she’s been on a weight loss journey since she was 10 years old.

“Ever since I was alive, I felt the need to lose weight. My whole life is marked by the need to lose weight, because my grandmother was obsessed with losing weight. I was born into this, I really don’t know the state of not dieting. I started dieting when I was 10. I started with the fat eating soup. I was even in a slimming spa when I was 12. I wasn’t obese, but I was still with myself. I stayed there 3 or 4 weeks and even three times.”

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Source: Instagram: evelynjefresh

Self-acceptance and a healthy approach to your body are the basis

The truth is we women are forced to follow one or another diet all our lives, we try to look our best, not have a single gram of fat on us, we just want to be perfect and we blame ourselves for every extra pound. Diets can be very dangerous and most all have a yo-yo effect. If you want to change the way you look, you have to change the way you live. Healthy eating and exercise should be a natural part of you, not following crazy diets.

When you really think about what you want to feed your body and change your approach to food, it will become easier. Treat your body with love. By looking at him, you will only harm him. Evelyn has been on various diets and realizes she messed up her metabolism and her figure is now getting worse. Whether you are size S or XL, you are beautiful, self-esteem does not come from your appearance, but from the kind of person you are.

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Source: Instagram: evelynjefresh

That’s what we women have to learn! Accept yourself, don’t compare yourself, love each other and if something isn’t completely right for us, gradually, slowly and lovingly change it for the better, because we want it to, not because we want it to. owe because of someone or something. It’s all in the head, our mind is a very powerful tool and we have to be aware of it.

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