Netflix’s First Adults Only Movie – Rough and Passionate: Marilyn Monroe’s New Film Is Fiction That Shows Her Inner World Without Censorship

After the 60 years since the death of the famous Marilyn Monroe, a new film Blonde enters the scene, supposed to be a fiction of her life. Already after the release of the trailer, the news caused a stir, as did the Cuban actress who turned into Marilyn in the film. However, several question marks hover around the film and the opinions of fans diverge. Only two things are certain – Blonde will be scary and will become the first Netflix film that will only be accessible to adults, i.e. those aged 18 and over

60 years have passed since the tragic death

Marilyn Monroe’s story has been as noisy for decades as it was in its early days. She was an icon, a muse, men loved her, women envied her, but the success she achieved had consequences. We also talk about Marilyn about a bitter destiny, the oppression of Hollywood, love unhappiness, psychological imbalance and, despite the multitude of men and interests from all sides, also of crushing loneliness .

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Marilyn Monroe in 1957 Source: Profimedia

Even today, his tragic death raises just as many questions, new conspiracies around the murder continue to spread, and perhaps his story is all the more tantalizing for being shrouded in secrecy. It seems that Marilyn will never be forgotten. Today, August 4, exactly 60 years have passed since his death. Not only are his fateful relationships and suspicious death interesting, but also many details of his life.

A story that fascinates filmmakers

Coincidentally, but at the same time very symbolically, fans can look forward to another Marilyn Monroe film this year, which should be as special as it should be on the 60th anniversary of her death. Filmmakers have been fascinated by her life and death for years, and each tries to capture Marilyn Monroe as faithfully as possible, but given the number of works and the fact that she is an icon, it’s always a risk. This also applies to actresses, who face the difficult task of portraying Marilyn in a way that will be believable to audiences. She was the first on the cover of Playboy, today she is buried next to its founder: And the famous Marilyn…

The blonde is supposed to be different

As incredible as it may seem, the new Blonde, which is supposed to be a fiction about the life of Marilyn Monroe, is supposed to be a film about the icon that does not yet have an equivalent. It’s true that even the trailer already promises a lot, and there are rumors behind the scenes that it might be missing out on some sort of payoff.

The film from Andrew Dominika’s studio is inspired by Joyce Carol Oates’ 2000 bestseller about the inner life of a model, singer and actress. Based on this novel, a film was already made in 2001 with Poppy Montgomery. According to the New York Times, the work has a gothic touch and is a kind of probe into the thoughts and inner world of one of Hollywood’s first great and unforgettable stars. It basically shows the darker side of the stars’ lives, the pressure, attention and loneliness they face. And that’s exactly what Andrew Dominik was. He did not want to focus on facts and bring the audience “just” another biopic about Marilyn Monroe, he wants to convey his feelings, his thoughts, his inner world.

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Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe in Blonde. Source: Profimedia

He fundraised for a bold idea for 10 years

The creators point out that it is a “boldly reimagined private story of the world’s most famous sex symbol, Marilyn Monroe”, according to Netflix, “the film is a fictionalized portrait of the model, actress and singer of the 1950s and 1960s, told through a modern perspective through celebrity culture.”

Director Andrew Dominik speaks of Blonde as one of his most passionate projects, for the realization of which he had to wait an incredible 10 years. Only Netflix has approved the necessary budget for him, and thus his dream comes true. He promises that the movie is full of incredible emotions, it’s a story, basically a fairy tale about how an orphan girl becomes the most wanted woman in the world. Yet it is so dark that this tale feels like a nightmare. “He has misconceptions from his childhood that he carries into his adult life and sees the world through their lens,” explains Andrew Dominik.

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Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe in Blonde. Source: Profimedia

Blonde has officially become the first Netflix workshop movie, which is aimed only at adults

The Marilyn Monroe news will also rewrite Netflix history, as the streaming company will officially release a movie that won’t be accessible to minors for the first time. As you probably guessed, the reason is pure sexual content. However, the director defends himself by saying that the film is demanding, maybe a bit messy, but he wanted to portray the real reality without glitter, so he expected these limitations. “We know his life was at stake. Do you want to see the nipple version with everything or do you want to see the ‘sanitized’ version?”

Incredible transformation of the main character

This time, Marilyn Monroe will be played by the 34-year-old Cuban actress Ana de Armas, whom you may know for example from the movie Knives Out. You might also remember her as Ben Affleck’s last girlfriend before he got together with JLo. Ripped like never before! Another relationship failed him, that one thing kept them apart

Andrew Dominik decided for her after the first round of auditions and he liked the idea that Marilyn would play a Cuban woman for a change. But Ana had to convince a whole team of people and ended up going through several very exhausting rounds. The responsibility of the character of Marilyn is huge, which the actress herself is aware of. “I read everything I could about Marilyn,” Ana de Armas told Vanity Fair. “It wasn’t just about the physical transformation, it was about understanding her emotional life, how smart she was and how fragile she was.”

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Ana de Armas at the premiere of The Gray Man (Los Angeles, 2022) Source: Profimedia

From the first shots of the trailer, it is clear that the transformation of Ana de Armas is incredible and the fans are delighted! Her fellow actors also confirmed that she had done a good job, because when she appeared on stage, they felt that it was not Ana, but Marilyn. Not only thanks to the makeup artists, but the overall impression she gave off. “I almost fell on the ground. Ana was completely gone. It was Marilyn,” says one of her colleagues.

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Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe in Blonde. Source: Profimedia

The film has already met with opposition from the public

Although the trailer looks promising and Ana de Armas looks amazing as Marilyn Monroe, the creators have already faced some criticism. They’re mostly getting good reviews, and fans are excited to finally see the icon’s story told in a different form, but it’s the fictional treatment that has some people cringing. They fear that not all viewers will realize that they cannot believe every detail and that more lies, half-truths, distorted information and conspiracies may begin to spread about the life and death of Marilyn. Watch the official trailer for Blonde:

After viewing a small preview, some criticize the actress in the lead role. They are embarrassed by Ana de Armas’ accent, and she herself admits that the role was very difficult for her from this point of view. “I tried very hard. It took me ‘only’ 9 months to try out the dialect. It was a lot of trouble, very tiring,” the actress revealed.

It only remains to believe that Andrew Dominik has been able to transform 10 years of work and enormous enthusiasm into an exceptional film. Most moviegoers and fans of the famous Marilyn are looking forward to it and, apart from the accent, believe that Ana de Armas will make it to the prestigious award with her performance. Blonde will premiere on Netflix on September 28. Check out more Blonde footage in our gallery:

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