New dance school at the old address in Nitra. Tomáš Surovec Dance House

House of Dance is a new dance school at the old address of Nitra on “Lipe” with more than 15 years of experience. Its founder is the famous dancer, trainer and judge Tomáš Surovec.

new dance school

At House of Dance, we create an offering of classes, circles and exercises to ensure all dance-movement needs for families and individuals under one roof. Thanks to this, you can save time and focus on what really matters.

Through dance and movement, adults can relax from everyday worries thanks to the dance lessons we also offer for people without a partner. Children and teenagers will have fun, meet new friends and develop their talent in dance circles or in a dance workshop from the age of 4.

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If you’re thinking about doing something for your health and don’t like dancing, we have a solution for you. Simply choose the exercises that are right for you and create your own weekly FIT program with the flexible course package.

We’ll get the whole family moving

With a wide range of dance styles, exercises, lessons for different ages and performance levels, the whole family can move with us.

At House of Dance, we save your family the time associated with traveling and organizing clubs in various entities. With us you can organize everything comfortably in one place online or in person at our reception.

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Dance House. Source: House of Dance

For families, we are preparing membership discounts so that they are profitable for you with us. Thanks to the flexible lesson package, which you can use for all adult lessons and exercises, you won’t miss any paid lessons. The validity of the package is always greater than the number of lessons it contains.

Different patterns

We are there for you when you need to dance to prepare for various social events – weddings, balls, Latin parties. When you are looking for an attractive activity for a hobby in its own right, or when you want to develop your talent or that of your children.

There are many motivations for dancing and exercising. We are interested in yours. If you tell us about it, we will plan for you an efficient and pleasant way to achieve this.

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Dance House. Source: House of Dance

We are experts in our fields. Maybe we can solve what seems inaccessible or complicated to you simply and efficiently. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you.

TIP for you!

Leave all worries about the wedding dance in peace with us. We will choose a music with you, recommend a dance and create a choreography according to your expectations. Arrange your first class at info@houseofdance.

Entertainment or sport

Some of you will enjoy dancing and exercising and it will become an enjoyable weekly activity. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it will certainly be useful to take time for yourself, which will help you forget your worries, relax and meet new people.

Others will be attracted to dance as a sport and will push their performance, their limits, constantly progress and develop their talent.

Life at the Maison de la Danse

In addition to regular classes, we live in our dance school with various “events”. They will entertain you, develop you and at the same time bring you closer to your goal.

During the year, we regularly organize for you:

• workshops, gatherings, camps,

• day, summer and spring camps,

• dance competitions and shows,

• balls and weekends.

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Dance House. Source: House of Dance

Individual lessons

If you want to progress more intensely, add individual lessons to the regular lessons. In individual lessons, the lecturer focuses only on you. He adapts the teaching to your rhythm, your expectations and your time possibilities. This makes achieving your goal very effective. IT’s are also popular for a short time, if you need to catch up or hit something.

Individual approach

How hard you want to devote yourself to dancing and exercising is up to you. Just make your plan for the desired goal from regular group lessons, events and individual lessons.

Optimal capacity

All classes, clubs, exercises and events have a defined maximum capacity. In addition to competent lecturers, we also pay attention to teaching efficiency, which can only be ensured with the optimal number of people in the lesson.

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Experienced speakers

With experienced instructors, learning to dance and practicing with results at our dance school is a breeze. You will have fun in the lessons, progress from lesson to lesson and move healthily and safely. Get quality speakers. At House of Dance, the know-how and experience of the speakers take precedence. Our team includes speakers with training and many years of experience.

Why our dance school?

There are several reasons why people like working with us.

• different dance styles and exercises under one roof – we save you time

• the whole family comes to the Maison de la danse – privileged members of the family

• individual approach – your goals and expectations are the focus

• flexible course package – you only pay for what you actually take

• limited capacity in lessons – higher teaching efficiency

• experienced and licensed instructors – the basis of your progress

• professional back-office approach – you can manage everything easily

• Mindbody online system – you can do it all from home

• pleasant spaces that we are constantly improving – you will feel at home with us

• House of Dance Café – we’ll make your waiting time more enjoyable

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Dance House. Source: Steve Matuska


Registrations are currently taking place in our dance school. In the varied offer you will find:

⁃ Dance classes for adults

⁃ Dance rings for children and teenagers

⁃ Dance preparations for children from 4 years old

⁃ Exercises

Feel free to browse our offer and choose. More information at

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