Newly married lady? That doesn’t stop her from showing how God made her: it’s amazing that she looks like that!

Jennifer Lopez in love celebrated her birthday in Paris. She surprised her fans with a provocative photo. Just a week ago, Jennifer Lopez surprised her fans with a secret wedding to Ben Affleck. Now she’s provoking them again with new footage she posted for her birthday party. She poses on it without clothes and reveals her perfect figure.

More beautiful than when she was young

Latin pop wonder Jennifer Lopez celebrated her 53rd birthday on Sunday. With her perfect physical condition, excellent appearance and ambition, she is an excellent role model for her peers. Even after fifty years, you don’t have to retreat and continue to enjoy life at full speed. Do not hesitate to fall madly in love again and marry your love if you feel like it. It’s never too late. Jennifer celebrated her holiday in style, see in the video in which style:

Not only marriage and love are discussed, but also business

Jen and Ben get along and seem really happy. Along with a romantic day in Paris, she posted a new social media post promoting her own cosmetics. But she did it in a surprisingly provocative way. In part of the video, she wears thrifty swimsuits, but she also throws them off. The photos show that she still has a perfect figure, the result of hard work. In addition to a strictly healthy diet, she follows regular training, thanks to which she is in excellent shape and looks even better than when she was in her twenties.

Photo gallery

Jennifer Lopez – photo campaign of her JLo Beauty Body Lotion products by JLo Beauty Source: Profimedia

At first she kept the honeymoon a secret

Ben and Jennifer are currently in Paris for a romantic honeymoon. However, they originally wanted to keep their honeymoon a secret. While writing a newsletter for her fans, Lopez shared some details from her big day. For example, she revealed the secret of her first wedding dress, which she had in her wardrobe for a few years, but had no suitable occasion to wear it.

However, in her letter, she also decided to be a bit vague. At the time, she also said that they weren’t planning a honeymoon at the moment as they were busy with work. But a few days later, photographers discover them in France taking advantage of the beautiful post-wedding period. Apparently they wanted to keep at least some privacy to enjoy their love.

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez enjoy their honeymoon in Paris Source: Profimedia

They are like lovebirds

No matter where the famous couple travels in the French capital, they are constantly followed by several photographers trying to catch a rare shot. In all the photos, Jennifer and Ben look very much in love. They constantly cuddle like two lovebirds and enthusiastically enjoy the good weather they are experiencing. It paid off for them to believe in a second chance, which may have exceeded their expectations.

Lopez and Affleck enjoy Paris in style. Fans caught them munching on ice cream at a fancy pastry shop one night. They also have lunch with Ben’s daughter, Violet, with whom Jennifer gets along very well. The couple has already managed to visit several monuments. The journalists surprised them at the Arc de Triomphe and also on the forecourt of the Louvre. The city of lovers has obviously become dear to them, and perhaps they will return there more often.

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Ben and Jen having fun Source: Profimedia

One best outfit after another

Along with the loving looks and touches, Jennifer Lopez also commands attention with her choice of clothes. She wants to impress her husband, so she prepared one outstanding model after another. She wore a three-quarter red summer dress with a plunging neckline while strolling around town. For this, she chose a handbag of the same shade and golden accessories. At lunch with Violet, she wore a romantic white floral dress from the Reformation brand, which cost around 300 euros.

Photo gallery

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck enjoy their honeymoon in Paris Source: Profimedia

Photographers also managed to capture them during a sweet kiss in the park, where her colorful floral model of the dress stood out even more. For a dinner party at a luxury restaurant in the style of the thirties, she arrived in a stunning outfit, which consisted of a simple, tight-fitting black dress, which she teamed with bold pearl accessories. The couple did not miss shopping in Paris, for which Jennifer chose comfortable clothes in the form of jeans and a peach blouse with a ruffle.

Discover the photo gallery for more shots of this couple in love, who just said “yes” a few days ago, but also a completely naked JLo:

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