No one believed in their relationship, today they have been together for over 20 years! Do you know the love story of the Beckham family?

When David and Victoria Beckham met, no one gave their relationship much of a chance. They saw them as an advertising couple who will be brought to their knees by the first big crisis. More than 20 years have passed since they met, today they are still married and raising four children together.

They met at a football game

David and Victoria Beckam grew up in London and only a few miles apart. However, they never met until they both became famous. David Beckham was then playing for Manchester United and enjoying his most successful period, Victoria was a member of the Spice Girls and one of pop music’s biggest stars.

Find out how they enjoyed a gondola ride in Venice in honor of their 23rd wedding anniversary:

When they first met, she had just watched David’s football game with his friends. They just greeted each other across the room and each went their separate ways. She immediately caught the eye of the footballer, but he was afraid that he had wasted his chance to impress her somehow. But only a week passed, and Victoria returned. By then they had already spent an hour talking together and the first spark flew between them.

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Victoria and David Beckham in 1997 and 1998 Source: Profimedia

He keeps the ticket with his number to this day

The conversation between the Beckhams then ended early in the match. Before parting, Victoria quickly wrote David her phone number on the train ticket she had with her. He called her shortly after and they went on their first official date, in which she wore a skintight orange dress that she showed off on Instagram for one of her birthdays.

Even the footballer himself revealed a sweet secret years later. To this day, he keeps the note on which Victoria gave him her phone number. He has it as a souvenir of this beautiful moment so that he will cherish for life the opportunity he had from his wife.

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Victoria and David Beckham Source: Profimedia

They got engaged after less than a year of dating

In one of her interviews, Beckham revealed why she was attracted to David out of the many men she had to choose from at the time. Although no one can tell, she was always family oriented and she enjoyed her current husband who, while his other colleagues were drinking at the bar and interested in hot models, he was with his family and devoted all his time to them. free.

And that’s why they were both so sure they were made for each other. The couple started dating in 1997 and got engaged in early 1998. However, we had to wait a bit for their spectacular wedding, as their first son, Brooklyn, was born in the meantime. They exchanged their wedding vows in July 1999, which was one of the biggest events of the year at the time. Victoria chose a princess dress and they matched perfectly.

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They got engaged after just a year of dating, photo: Victoria Beckham and David Beckham in 1998 Source: Profimedia

Extravagant parents who love life

David and Victoria weren’t boring parents from the start. Even though they establish perfect family relationships, they still try to get along with their children as friends. They experienced the birth of their first son with great enthusiasm. The footballer wore his name on his boots and had it tattooed.

They decided to name it Brooklyn after the place where he was born. Later, two other boys, Roméo and Cruz, join him. On the fourth attempt, they managed to give birth to the desired baby girl Harper, who is the darling of the whole family. Spouses and their children often go on vacation together, live great experiences and their family bond is a great source of inspiration for many.

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Victoria Beckham with her family and children Source: Profimedia

Crisis for alleged infidelity

A seemingly perfect marriage was once shaken to its foundations. When David Beckham was working at Real Madrid, he allegedly cheated on Victoria on several occasions with his assistant. These rumors have never been officially confirmed.

At the time, however, it was rumored that Beckham slapped her husband in a fit of anger, and they were even threatened with divorce. In the end, they managed to overcome this crisis and today they form an even more stable couple than ever.

They support each other in their career

Star marriages often fail because they don’t have enough free time for each other. Even though David and Victoria have very rich careers behind them, they never reached this critical point. The main reason is that they support each other in their work.

When David ended his footballing activities, Victoria started focusing more on design and he was close to his children. He is currently in charge of the project for a new football club in Miami and several marketing collaborations. In this way, they perfectly manage to combine their professional tasks and build a strong family.

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They support each other in their work, David as a footballer and Victoria as a fashion designer Source: Profimedia

A romantic renewal of vows

In 2017, the Beckhams celebrated the 20th anniversary of their acquaintance. It was then that they decided to renew their wedding vows. They had another great party for their 20th wedding anniversary. David surprised his wife with a romantic vacation in Paris and a huge bouquet of roses.

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David and Victoria celebrated their wedding anniversary in 2017 in Paris Source: Profimedia

See in the photo gallery what Victoria looked like on her wedding day in 1999:

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