Not only the iconic actress, other famous women have also regretted plastic surgery! What do they look like today? Face mods changed them like this

They wanted to be beautiful and perfect, but over time they regretted their decision. Which famous women, and even men, regret cosmetic procedures and facial modifications?

Jane Fonda recently spoke very candidly about having had a facelift in the past. But then she realized she had made a big mistake. She would no longer undergo similar cosmetic procedures, as she wants to continue being herself. Other well-known stars also regretted their decision. For years she was a role model for how to age gracefully, she already looks different after plastic surgery: I’m not proud of it,…

Jennifer Gray

Baby from Sinful Dance was characterized by his childlike face. Jennifer Gray’s nose played a big role in this, which added interest to her features. Many stars, like Barbra Streisand, base their careers on such a beauty flaw. However, this actress did not know how to deal with her appearance, and in 1989 she underwent the first cosmetic procedure, during which they were supposed to adjust the shape of her nose.

Photo Sinful Dance baby: Just one plastic surgery changed her face and her life forever, until today she admitted…

She succumbed to the pressure of some people around her, because according to them she would get more acting roles. However, the operation was not so successful, as it completely optically changed her face. In 2012, she complained that she entered the clinic as a star and left as an unknown. This ultimately ruined his promising career.

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Jennifer GraySource: Profimedia

Linda Evangelist

During the other period, the case of model Linda Evangelista became very well known. She decided to treat extra pounds using a special method, during which they froze fat cells and thus dissolved them faster. But after the procedure, an unexpected reaction occurred in her body. The fat accumulated under the skin in unsightly masses, which caused psychological problems for the model.

For this reason, she did not appear in public for a few years and only recently agreed to talk about her suffering. Evangelista decided to sue the clinic due to the failure of the procedure and the psychological or salary damages during the time she waited for the correction. Fortunately, she now feels better, has eliminated her problem and has already managed to pose in a new campaign.

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Linda Evangelista has retired from show business due to her plastic surgery. Source: Profimedia

Britt Ekland

Former Bond girl Britt Eckland has paid extra for misguided plastic surgeries. She, too, succumbed to fashion dictates, which made her want to look as young as possible. As she got older, she decided to undergo her first cosmetic procedure. But even after that, she was not satisfied and continued. In the end, it took up to 20 years for her to realize that she had made a huge mistake.

Today, after numerous cosmetic surgery operations, she admits that she no longer looks alike. Looking at herself in the mirror, she no longer sees the woman she once was. Although, according to her, everyone has a choice whether or not to have plastic surgery, she would never do it that way again. She prefers to age naturally.

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Britt EklandSource: Profimedia

Mickey Rourke

Not only women fall in love with cosmetic surgery, but also men. One of the sad cases is actor Mickey Rourke. Due to his unsuccessful interventions, his career ended up going bankrupt. He tried to turn things around in 2008, when he underwent corrective cosmetic surgery, but that didn’t work either.

During operations, for example, his nose was modified using cartilage from the ear. According to him, it was one of the most painful experiences of his life. Also, the wound did not heal well after the procedure, so he had to undergo longer treatment.

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Mickey Rourke plastic surgery before after

Bella Hadid

At a very young age, Bella Hadid fell in love with plastic surgery. She already had her nose modified at the age of fourteen. But now he considers it one of his worst decisions. According to Hadid, she denied her roots and got rid of one of the important symbols that reminded her of her ancestors. Today, she thinks that if she had waited a few years, she would never have made that mistake again.

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Bella HadidSource: Profimedia

Photo She was not even 15 when she had her first plastic surgery: Today, while her beauty is admired by the whole world, openly…

Courtney Cox

Some celebrities have undergone such beautification procedures that they no longer resemble themselves and, moreover, look very unnatural. Actress Courtney Cox also joined this group. In 2017, she was persuaded to have a few injections to fill in problem areas with wrinkles.

When she then looked in the mirror, she was disappointed in herself. She then decided she would never do it again and suffered for the next few months until these substances were completely absorbed.

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Courteney Cox Source: TASR

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham’s cosmetic procedure was a lot of fun. The Spice Girls member has obviously used a better cleavage, as her breasts have suddenly grown a few sizes. However, she continued to pretend for some time that this was her natural appearance. While her fans laughed at her, she ended up confessing. However, she later had the implants removed and eventually said she thought it was complete stupidity and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. However, the last time she appeared with an altered face, which surprised fans even more.

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Victoria Beckham before and after editing Source: TASR, Profimedia

Simon Cowell

In the years to come, they also sign under the face of Simon Cowell. Since the eternally teasing judge wanted to keep his youthful appearance, he invested in a facelift. However, his result was more than unsuccessful and he looked comical and scary after that. He described himself by saying he acted like a character from a horror movie. Based on this, he decided he would never do it again and go back to the natural way with non-invasive procedures.

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Simon Cowell today and a year ago. Source: Profimedia

Kim Kardashian

The popular reality show and social media star’s adventures with beauty procedures have spiraled completely out of control. She was injected with botox for the first time twelve years ago. Then she moved on and today she is a completely different person. When she saw one of the recordings of her show, she was scared. For now, therefore, she has decided that similar procedures are not at all a good option for her.

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Kim Kardashian in 2007 and 2022 Source: Profimedia

Gwyneth Paltrow

Now Gwyneth says botox is a nightmare that she doesn’t recommend to anyone. However, she had to learn from her own mistakes. When she had it applied during her midlife crisis, she didn’t recognize herself. She looked unnatural, stiff and not herself anymore. From then on, she very quickly decided to put an end to all this and not to try her luck again.

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Gwyneth Paltrow then and now. How has she changed? Source: Profimedia

Kylie Jenner

The well-known beauty had her lips filled. However, she was not at all satisfied with the result. Fortunately, she made at least one good decision at this point. She did not have them changed permanently, but only for a short time. Thanks to this, her filler was then absorbed and she already looked like the past. Kylie chokes up saying she won’t have a similar procedure again.

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Kylie JennerSource: Northfoto, Reuters

And what did famous women look like before? See more photos in our gallery, how they have changed over the years. Did you like them better before or now?

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