Once again no frills: Adela confessed the truth on Instagram, her followers are leaving!

“I think more and more about ‘influence’ when I have nothing to do,” admitted the well-known presenter.

A break from social media

Adela Vinczeová and Viktor Vincze retired from social media for a while. Somehow it probably stopped making sense to them. The famous presenter has never hidden that she does not fully understand how Instagram works and shares her life on social networks with other, often unknown, people. As part of the Little Different project with Adela, she decided to add here and there something from her private life. But today, she shared a post in which she admitted to noticing a decrease in subscribers and admits she’s not as active as she probably should be:

“I’m watching out the window as followers leave my ‘Instagram yard’. I also wanted to give 100,000 followers questions and answers. But that will happen in about six months. Well, the last real post was lukewarm and a long time ago. I recognize. But it’s true that I didn’t want to. I think more and more about “influence” when I have nothing to do. So I’m catching up now – imagine pictures of me training three times a week at the gym, twice yoga, adding very high quality morning snowflake photos, walking, watering the garden only with rainwater and wearing Slovak fashion.”

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Viktor Vincze, Adela Vinczeová Source: Viktor Vincze’s Instagram

She continued, “Then don’t imagine pictures from all the summer parties full of toxins, lack of sleep, and even pictures from when I was observing states of ‘nothingness’ within me.” All of this would be my flu for the rest of the weeks. And so I say to myself – I’ll leave that to others.” She also confessed to us in an interview in our studio how she perceives social networks even more today, watch the video:

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