One of our favorite sportswomen announced the collapse of her marriage: It was an incredible adventure and life gave us the most important…

Our former skier Veronika Velez-Zuzulová, whom viewers can also recognize on TV screens and comment on women’s races after the end of her career, shocked her with a divorce.

Veronika Velez-Zuzulova will divorce

After more than ten years, the popular athlete announced a break with her husband. Veronika Velez-Zuzulová was in a relationship with former French skier Romain Velez for more than ten years. Currently, both have finished their professional careers and own a joint restaurant. Veronika comments on the women’s race and Romain is the coach of the men’s French team. The couple had their first son, Jules, 3 years ago. They got married in Bratislava in 2012 and Veronika was a very beautiful bride. You can see photos from their wedding day in our gallery:

The end after ten years

However, after more than ten years, the popular athlete announced an unexpected breakup. “It was an amazing adventure. It will be again, only different and the most important thing life has given us,” Veronika announced a few weeks ago on her Instagram. She recently added these words to a family photo with her husband and son. According to the images on the social network, Veronika does not give up and enjoys life to the full.

Husband and Coach in One

As a married couple, they also handled the difficult challenges of sporting life. Veronika was first trained by her father, later Romain took over his role, but the couple never had a problem separating training from their private lives. Veronika has repeatedly stated that they get along well at home and on the slopes.

The big change came in 2018, when Veronika officially ended her career and Romain was no longer her coach. The former skier said at the time that she was able to get used to change more quickly thanks to her pregnancy, as the role of athlete was replaced by that of parent.

They say goodbye for good

Veronika has always seemed very upbeat, and from her Instagram posts, it looks like she’s also coming to terms with this big life change of being separated from her husband. He spends a lot of time with his family, plays sports and writes about how we create the future ourselves. For spouses, even in the event of a divorce, the son and his well-being are probably the highest priority. See also other photos of the popular athlete in our photo gallery:

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