Our MISS talked about today’s filter-filled era on Instagram: Plump lips, thin nose, perfect teeth? We try to look like the current trend

But we lose our uniqueness… “Learn who you really are and don’t be what the world tells you to be, because it changes every few years and it will certainly not bring you satisfaction and happiness”, says Frederika.

Filters as a disease today…

Today we all know how social networks work, how some influencers largely edit their photos, because they are in fact fighting with themselves and hiding it under the pretext that they want to have a beautiful, literally flawless Instagram and perfect, therefore moving away from their selves because they present something that is not real. More than one case proves that what we see on the profiles of famous beauties is often a thousand leagues from reality…

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Frederika is synonymous with natural

Frederika Kurtulíková won Miss Slovakia in 2020. I had the opportunity to meet her personally, and not only is she beautiful, but she is a very empathetic, intelligent, insightful and inspiring woman. She still earns a living modeling, but stays grounded, aware of life values ​​and tries to inspire people who follow her on Instagram. Yesterday she added photos in which she wore minimal makeup and didn’t use any editing filters. She wrote very interesting and powerful words for these images, with which she spoke to the souls of many women or people in general.

“Light makeup, no filters, no editing… I edit photos just because they look better, they grab more attention. Instagram is very aesthetic, but I hesitated for a long time because I believe in the natural beauty and uniqueness of each person. I think I have found a balance that satisfies me. When people try to look like the current trend (full lips, thin nose, perfect teeth, etc.), we lose our uniqueness and in my eyes we just become boring as people and kill our uniqueness and personality. Let’s celebrate beauty, try to look our best, yeah, let’s do it all.”

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Frederika Kurtulíková Source: Instagram: Frederika Kurtulíková

“But remember to love yourself and don’t be ashamed because you don’t look ‘perfect.’ : modeling, pageants, dancers, artists, musicians – every industry saw it completely differently – and it opened my eyes and set me free Learn who you are and don’t be what the world tells you to be, because it changes every few years and it definitely won’t bring you satisfaction and happiness. Instead, really improve who you are in any way you can and shine,” she added.

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Frederika Kurtulíková with her boyfriend Cesár Sampson Source: Instagram: Frederika Kurtulíková

It’s not about looks

What’s interesting is that we all associate self-love with how we look, but we have to find self-love within ourselves. We need to realize our values, who we are, what we stand for in life, give thanks for everything and realize what we have already achieved. When we can truly perceive and feel our qualities, we will not let anyone question our existence and we will have no problem manifesting ourselves in any form.

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Loving yourself means approaching yourself with love and understanding at every stage of your life. Let’s not try to be someone else and follow trends or change things about our appearance, which won’t solve our internal struggles and dissatisfaction. Exactly as Frederika wrote, you need to start working on yourself, on your values, getting an education, dealing with trauma, being aware of your actions and being a better person. It’s not about looks, it’s what you have inside that makes you beautiful.

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