Our well-known influencer Ema Fajnor is proud of her body even if she doesn’t wear a size XS: Whether I’m stronger or thinner, something else is more important…

Popular Slovak influencer Ema Fajnor has been involved in modeling for many years, but for many years she struggled to find out if she was good enough. Today she loves her body and tries to teach other girls to love themselves. “I think the main thing at this sensitive age is that we take ourselves too personally. We have to take some distance…”

What else did she reveal to us when we met her at the TV JOJ party? For example, recent breast surgery, but quite different from what you think. Some women are troubled by the fact that their breasts are too small, while others face too large a circumference. However, this is not the case for influencer Emy Fajnor, who was satisfied with the size of her baskets. “We all know about the operation where a person can insert implants into their breasts. They cut my skin, sewed it up and gave my breasts a nice shape. Many women don’t even know that such a procedure exists,” admitted Ema, who underwent breast reconstruction without implants. Watch the video interview where she revealed more powerful things:

Girls, don’t take yourself too personally

The Bratislava native went under the surgeon’s knife, but she’s always been proud of her body, despite not wearing a size XS. “I like the shape of my body. Whether I’m stronger or thinner, I’ve come to realize that the shape is always beautiful.”

She would advise teenage girls who worry about having bigger hips or bigger shoulders to get rid of the negative comments and focus on more important values. “I think the main thing at this sensitive age is that we take ourselves too personally. We have to take a step back, look at ourselves objectively and not accept the fact that we may have bigger noses, but see ourselves as a everything.”

On the path to self-love, it is also very important for Ema to know how she works with fashion and chooses her outfits as she gets older. “I have essential things that I cling to. I like waist cuts because I feel slim and sexy. I don’t like things that cover me completely and I don’t feel comfortable so. And that’s exactly what I would like to change and free myself from self-criticism in this regard.” In our photo gallery, you can see the outfits that we have seen on Ema Fajnor in recent months, video interview above:

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