Ranking of the most influential TOP influencers for 2022: Who rules the Slovak internet?

Discover the ranking of influencers and celebrities who have dominated social networks.

Thus, Forbes magazine regularly draws up a ranking of the biggest stars of the virtual world who currently reign on social networks. For this year, they have selected these twenty of our influencers.

Social media influence has become a decisive measure of success in recent years. As a result, you get new collaborations and move up the career ladder. Your popularity is not only evidenced by the number of subscribers, but also by the impact your posts can have.

1. Maros Molnar

A well-known fitness trainer rose to fame by appearing on a show about transforming people who were significantly overweight. Maroš Molnár suddenly became a big star, in the services of which many of his followers were interested. However, he was already very well known in our sports circles, as he helped to condition many of our athletes.

She is currently adding videos and social media posts with inspiring content on how you can easily exercise at home and stay in great shape.

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Maroš Molnár Source: David Ištok/Aktuality.sk

2. Adriana Polakova

Even after leaving Telerán, Adriana Poláková’s fame did not diminish. She has already established herself on social networks with posts on the subject of pastry and cooking. Fans will learn some cool recipe tips from her, and she also revealed some tricks on how she manages to stay in shape. In recent months, she has also attracted attention with the project of a new boarding house in the building of a historic mansion, which she has made her dream business.

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Adriana Poláková Source: Adriana Poláková’s Instagram

3. Petra Vlhova

Currently, our most successful athlete, Petra Vlhová, also enjoys great popularity on social networks. Thanks to this, she was ranked third in the ranking of influencers. His behind-the-scenes posts are the most popular among fans.

Whether she reveals something about her preparation for the race or shows them interesting things from her private life, thousands of likes will immediately start to increase. Equally popular are reports of his greatest accomplishments, which also dominate thanks to the number of congratulatory comments.

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Petra Vlhová won a gold medal at the 2022 Olympics in Beijing. Source: Profimedia

4. Rasťo Chvála – Garáž.tv

Buying a car is a very important decision for us, which we consider from several angles. That’s why we always need the advice of an experienced person. Rasťo Chvála gained popularity with his Garáž.tv project precisely due to testing cars of different brands.

He was able to assess them very honestly and with advice, like when two friends talk to each other. This has earned him a strong fan base that eagerly awaits every new post.

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Rasťo Praise – Garáž.tv Source: Instagram: garaz.tv

5. Sandra Sviteková – History differently

History lessons were among the least popular in schools. Telling the story in an attractive dress is not easy. Nevertheless, Sandra Sviteková has found the key to bringing her beloved story closer to ordinary people. IN

she left out a lot of boring facts on her videos and built them on original stories in which she explains the most important events in a way that everyone gets a lot of interesting information. She started as a YouTuber in 2016 and has dominated other social networks ever since.

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Sandra Sviteková – History differently Source: Instagram: dejepisinak

6. Monika Hilmerova

Among celebrities, actress Monika Hilmerová has the biggest influence this year. He mainly provides his fans with images of his work projects, but he is also not afraid of private information. She is very honest, natural in her posts and thanks to this she has already gained more than 50,000 followers.

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Monika Hilmerová Source: Instagram: hilmerovamonika

7. Natalia Pazicka

Pažická first became active in the world as a model. She has always been close to fashion, trendy clothes and a bright life in the spotlight. But the turning point came and she decided to add more value to her Instagram account. Gradually, she began to raise awareness more and more often about the environment, the climate crisis and the positive relationship with ecological living. Thanks to this, Natália has become one of our most successful green influencers.

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Natália Pažická Source: Instagram: nataliapazicka

8. Zuzana Vačkova

Actress Zuzana Vačková is a great inspiration to many women, not just for her age. A few years ago, it undertook a major transformation. She changed her diet, started exercising regularly and thanks to this she worked on her dream figure. Then she presented this successful recipe online via social networks. Thanks to this, she has become a role model for many women who, with her and her advice, have embarked on a change of lifestyle.

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Source: Instagram: zuzanavackova

9. Samuel Kováčik – Vedator

With the help of Vedator, people have learned a lot of interesting things in the scientific field. Kováčik also introduced them to difficult topics in a simple way, which also helped them to understand several links of everyday life.

Currently, he is already focusing on refuting many hoaxes related to the scientific field. Additionally, he published his own book last year. Thanks to him, it was possible to popularize science even among ordinary people, which was certainly not an easy challenge.

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Samuel Kováčik – vedator Source: Instagram: vedator_sk

10. Marek Fasiang

Fans love having their favorite celebrities give insight into their private lives and also show them how their professional lives are going. Actor Marek Fašiang built his Instagram exactly on these parameters. Thanks to this, one of the most popular men in our show business has made it to the bottom of this list of influencers.

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Marek Fašiang Source: Instagram Marek Fašiang

Another top 10 influencers according to Forbes Slovakia:

11. Veronika Cifrová Ostrihoňová

12. PPPetre

13. Simona Kozerawski

14. Kristina Tormová

15. Beth-Sal

16. Denisa Vyšňovská

17. Duklock

18. L3nik

19. Sisa_kr

20. Petush Nasklee

See more photos of famous personalities in the photo gallery:

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