She married a millionaire 32 years her senior, it was a wedding like in a fairy tale! Princess Diana’s niece shared beautiful photos

Lady Kitty Spencer (31) married millionaire Michael Lewis (63) last year on July 24, and even now she has shared photos of the most romantic wedding overlooking Rome, Italy.

The late Princess Diana’s niece celebrated her first birthday with her husband!

The lavish wedding took place at Villa Aldobrandini in Frascati and was luxurious, but with country style elements. The ceremony took place outside under flowered arches, the reception in the garden and the view over Rome were breathtaking! Lady Kitty Spencer shone in a bespoke Dolce & Gabbana dress.

The couple have had a wonderful time since they met. They officially confirmed their relationship in May 2019 and got engaged a few months later. Kitty and Michael sealed their love in style and the wedding celebrations lasted a whole week in romantic Italy. Also find out how it went for them at the start of their relationship in the photo gallery:

Images no one has seen before

On Instagram, Lady Kitty shared a short video clip from last year’s wedding, when she sealed her life with Michael in marriage. You can see them both before the ceremony, after it, as husband and wife, and there are also clips of the arrival of the bride, the ceremony, or details of the luxurious rural surroundings. in which everything took place. At the end, a fireworks display overlooking Rome, but can you imagine anything more romantic?

The images are complemented by words from the speech, in which it was said that Kitty and Michael had a relationship like no other. They have better and worse times and also face difficult situations, but they make each other happier, and that’s the most beautiful thing about love. “I’ve seen their love grow and grow stronger. With all the happiness, excitement and occasional hardship that comes with it.

Lady Kitty Spencer showed off up to five gorgeous dresses during the wedding celebrations. Read their wedding details:

Photo Pompous wedding with a billionaire 30 years her senior! Princess Diana’s niece got married, showed off…

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