The announcement of her devastating breakup has met with unexpected success: singer Taylor Swift has entered the world of cinema! Will he directly seek his first Oscar?

The popular singer once again grabbed all the attention at this year’s MTV Awards with both her outfit and her big win. Will it be enough for the Oscar?

She played at the MTV Awards and is now aiming for her first Oscar? Taylor Swift reaps success with a short film

Taylor Swift won the MTV American Television Award for Best Video thanks to the ten-minute film version of the hit All Too Well: The Short Film. The film has been discussed for quite some time and there have even been reports that it could win the singer her first Oscar. She also grabbed attention on the red carpet. Who else got the glory during the evening?

Photo Megan came nearly naked last year, now what? At the MTV Awards, Taylor Swift scored particularly well…

Is he going for an Oscar?

According to information from The Hollywood Reporter, thanks to Taylor Swift’s short film, she became one of the Oscar nominees in the Best Short Film category. The 32-year-old singer and songwriter is reportedly already working with a major consultancy, which will run her campaign ahead of the awards ceremony. The Academy has yet to confirm his nomination.

The song was inspired by the singer’s devastating breakup with a well-known actor

“All Too Well”, which Taylor has now made into a movie, was said to have been inspired by her devastating breakup over a decade ago, and over the years has become a fan favorite and one of her most recognized songs. all time. People were especially drawn to the powerful story the song tells. This tale finally made it to the screen in All Too Well: The Short Film, in which Sadie Sink plays a young Taylor Swift and Dylan O’Brien portrays her former lover, who should be Jake Gyllenhaal. Eagle-eyed fans were quick to notice that Sink was 19 and O’Brien was 30. Swift was 20 and Gyllenhaal 29 when they dated, and it’s the age difference that makes the difference. object of the new “All Too Well”.

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Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal were a couple in 2010. Source: Profimedia

“The label didn’t choose this song as a single. We never did a music video for it. It was a song that started out as an album track, just a simple track number 5. And you made it what it is now. It started as a song that was my favorite. It was something very personal to me. It was hard to play it live,” Taylor Swift admitted:

The strong history and the weak points of the relationship

The film plays flashbacks of the song, adding dialogue to provide more context. It shows the beautiful and strong romantic moments of the couple, but also the weak sides of the relationship. In the background, for example, a dramatic quarrel between the main character and her ex-lover, or a birthday party, where she is already absent, is added. The story ends 13 years later, when the heroine (now a grown, successful woman) promotes a new book at a reading where her ex-husband watches her through the window.

Discover the short film directed by Taylor Swift:

From singer to actress: Taylor alongside major Hollywood stars

The hit singer and Grammy Award winner is fully committed to her career and will even be seen starring in the upcoming film Amsterdam this year. He would play a character who mourns the loss of his father. Taylor will be seen alongside big stars – for example Christian Bale, Margot Robbie or John David Washington.

According to the trailer, Amsterdam follows three friends played by Bale, Robbie and Washington who met during the war and now swear to always protect each other. While living in Amsterdam in the 1930s, they are framed for murder and solve the riddle while avoiding any criminal charges. Audiences can truly expect a top-notch cast. The three main heroes will star with Anya Taylor-Joy, Rami Malek, Chris Rock, Zoe SaldaƱa, Robert DeNiro and others.

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Taylor Swift in the movie Amsterdam (2022) Source: Profimedia

Swift, who has previously landed film roles in Cats, Valentines Day and The Giver, only appears in the trailer for a quick close-up just after two minutes in green period clothes and lipstick so that she looks sadly at something off camera. Not much is known about his character yet, but a different trailer was said to have premiered at this year’s CinemaCon and showed his character crying over his father’s corpse – presumably the victimized characters of Bale, Robbie and Washington. , charged with murder. Watch the trailer:

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