The comedy Striedavka has become the 4th most successful Czech film in Slovak cinemas since 2020

Czech films have not had it easy in Slovak theaters in recent months. Compared to the period before the pandemic, when Czech comedies were among the most visited films in Slovakia, far fewer Slovaks are currently looking for them in cinemas. There are probably more reasons – from oversaturation of the market with the mentioned genre to changing viewing habits during the pandemic. After last weekend, however, it looks like better times are on the horizon for Czech films in Slovak cinemas.

13,180 fantastic Slovaks came to see Petr Nikolaev’s new comedy titled Striedavka on the big screen during the weekend of the premiere (from Thursday July 28 to Sunday July 31). Moreover, this film was seen by another 1,046 viewers during the so-called paid previews, which took place on Tuesday 07/26 and Wednesday 07/27 in selected Slovak cinemas. For this year, it is the second best result of a Czech film in Slovakia – only the comedy Po čom muži túžia 2 did better with 17,966 spectators, which largely benefited from the success of the previous film Po čom muži túžia . However, the vast majority of Czech films fared significantly less well in Slovak theaters in 2022, with only four of them (including Striedavka) managing to surpass the 3,000-goer threshold during the weekend of premieres.

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Even in the previous two years, Czech films in Slovakia did not have a bed of roses, which, however, was largely related to pandemic measures. The best result of a Czech film in the so-called opening weekend in 2020 was only 6,884 viewers. The comedy Bábovka has them under its belt. In 2021, the situation was a little better, the best “opener” being the documentary film Karel. During the first four days, 13,725 viewers came to see the film about the life of Karel Gott in Slovak cinemas. It is therefore very similar to the result currently achieved by the comedy Striedavka, which, with its 13,180 admissions, became the fourth most successful Czech film in Slovak cinemas during its premiere weekend since 2020.

Striedavka tells the story of three families who, thanks to taking care of the children in turns, have become one big family. The main roles were played by Martin Hofmann, Kristína Svarinská, Jitka Čvančarová, Anna Polívková and Jiří Vyorálek, who play former and current partners. Together they have to take care of all the children from previous and current marriages, as well as the crazy grandmother of one of the characters, played by Eva Holubová. The next task for everyone is to find a new guy for the character of Anna Polívková, who was left “vinegarly” in the process of “changing” partners. The film tackles the phenomenon of alternate care with humor and insight.

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An excerpt from the film Striedavka. Source:

“Our film is about how to survive current and previous partners, all children, whether yours or not, how not to get lost and how to keep your sanity,” Striedavka described the film. , popular Czech actor Martin Hofmann, one of the main faces of the film.

The alternative film was shot by the experienced and respected director Petr Nikolaev, who has behind him great narrative films such as Lidice and The Godfather’s Story, but also became famous for the popular and immortal comedy Baječná leta pod psa. “I believe that Striedavka’s story will be close to the public, whether he experiences first-hand alternate care, whether he is responsible for one family or only has a relationship with his partner,” the director said.

The current topic, which is on the minds of many of us, together with the hugely appealing Czech-Slovak cast, has caught the attention of almost 15,000 Slovak viewers, and you definitely shouldn’t miss this hit comedy on the big screen.


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