The Czech Republic has become the most handsome man in the world! However, women surprise and do not spare their criticism of him: What do they not like?

The 2022 man of the year was the Czech Dominik Chabr. While the handsome 28-year-old man, whose attractiveness has already been confirmed on paper, thanks his fans, women do not spare him critical comments.

The prestigious global competition, in which men from all over the world measured their strength, charm and attractiveness, has a winner. He became a fitness model from the Czech Republic, who charmed all the women of Bali, where the final was held, with his appearance.

A once in a lifetime moment

Dominik is very happy with the victory and realizes that this great glory will never be repeated in his life. He has become the most handsome man in the world and thanks all the people who have supported him from the beginning for their support. “So I can publicly announce it here too! I won the 2022 World Man of the Year competition held in Bali. It’s a great experience for me, because I can’t make it experience only once in my life and I’m really happy that all the work paid off. We have it at home in the Czech Republic. Thank you very much to everyone who supported me all the time”, Dominik wrote on his Instagram.

Photo gallery

Dominik Chabr became the man of the year 2022 (Photo: Instagram/muz_roku) Source: Instagram

A top-notch narcissist? Local Czechs are not happy with the winner

If you expected the women of our neighbors to be excited that the Czech Republic won the men’s beauty contest, you would be wrong. Dominik Chabr charmed the world, but not his compatriots. According to the portal, women do not spare him criticism in their comments.

There’s been a big wave of hate on Facebook from women who don’t like Dominik. “I don’t like it, we all have different tastes, but I don’t think he’s the most handsome man in the world,” says one of the comments on my bed. I haven’t bought any yet, but I was on the internet and on TV, and there they said you can’t meet anything more beautiful,” reads another.

Men also join in the criticism of women. “Looks really don’t matter to a man. It’s a competition for hotties, not guys.” Another wrote, “Somehow the mirror doesn’t listen to me. Today , I asked him who was the most beautiful in the world and that’s what came out of him.

Preparing for the contest took years of hard work. See how Dominik works on himself:

He also found female supporters

Dominik Chabr has achieved worldwide success, which can also be seen in the comments under his photos on Instagram, which are mostly from women from abroad. However, he also found fans back home, who were quick to support him on social media. They sincerely congratulate him on his victory, rejoice with him, write that he is friendly, handsome and charismatic. What do you think of Dominik?

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