The daughter of an iconic acting couple is one of the most searched faces today, who is Deva Cassel?

Do you know who it is? While her famous mom has nearly 5 million followers on Instagram, Deva only has “a little” just over seven hundred thousand followers. She is also a well-known Dolce Shine brand ambassador. And what is her relationship with acting when she has parents from the industry?

A young star named Deva Cassel

She is less than a hundred and seventy centimeters tall, has a younger sister, Léonie, and a half-sister, Amazonia. Her boyfriend is believed to be model Luca Salandro, but she does not publicly comment on their relationship. She is mainly nurtured by modeling, she got her first big experience in business with the luxury brand Dolce & Gabbana.

She was born on September 12, 2004 in Rome, Italy, and although she was not even eighteen years old, she is already fabulously wealthy, with the potential to become a globally recognized personality. She mainly earns money through modeling, but in addition to her beauty, she has also acquired important acting skills. Deva Cassel is a household name in her native country and thanks to Vogue magazine, where she made the cover with her successful mother, she is known all over the world.

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Deva Cassel Source: Profimedia

Daughter of an iconic acting couple

Her parents are popular actress Monica Bellucci and charismatic actor Vincent Cassel. As already mentioned, modeling fascinates her more than acting. Although no one expects her to lose herself in the enormous competition of beautiful and interesting women, Deva sticks to the field and repeatedly pretends that she’s basically pretty ordinary.

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Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel Source: Profimedia

She is considered a classic teenager, albeit the child of famous and influential, fun-loving parents. Her favorite activities are spending time with friends, ideally by the water, she loves paddleboarding and swimming. But we always ask, isn’t she unnecessarily modest?

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Monica Bellucci with her daughter Deva Cassel Source: Profimedia

Present time

Deva is successful in the modeling world, but in interviews she constantly faces questions about acting. Will she one day follow the path of her parents and will we start to see her on cinema screens? At the moment, the beauty claims that she does not know the answer to such questions, because life constantly brings new challenges and surprises on her way, and she wants to continue on this wave in the years to come.

Monica Bellucci herself has a somewhat clearer idea of ​​her own daughter’s future, who likes to say that Deva is destined for modeling, because she appeared in front of the cameras before she was born. Recall that the actress was regularly immortalized in photographs when she was pregnant and became one of the celebrities for whom pregnancy nudes are a precious memory of this unforgettable period of a woman.

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Deva Cassel in a photo shoot for D&G Source: Profimedia

Instagram is not important. Model or actor?

There is no doubt that in recent years, social networks have become a very powerful communication tool. To everyone’s surprise, Deva isn’t as popular in the online world as some might think. hundred thousand followers.

A graduate of high school in Paris, Deva told Vanity Fair magazine before completing a one-year internship in New York: “When I was younger, I refused to work in the film industry. This profession didn’t appeal to me at all. But now, surprisingly, I’m thinking about it more and more seriously. My parents are happy to advise me and help me make my own decisions. We’ll see what the next few years bring, but for the right now, modeling suits me better.”

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Deva Cassel in the Dolce & Gabbana campaign Source: Profimedia

She prefers to live in retreat

Although she’s had quite a few modeling opportunities, the brunette isn’t ready to become a full-time model. Her mother said in an interview with L’Officiel some time ago: “I think Deva wants to continue her education with all the difficulties, but also the joys that simply belong to her age.”

Deva has been in the limelight all her life, but she’s never been the kind of person to enjoy the limelight. He protects his privacy, hardly ever gives interviews and only makes sporadic public appearances. In his case, it’s probably due to his young age. The interest in her is enormous, but she knows from the example of her parents what world fame often brings to fragile souls… The daughter of our famous musicians has become a beauty and her childhood sweetheart is still by her side:…

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