The Dubai affair also caught the attention of Slovak celebrities: several of them came to see the erotic thriller! Who was curious and what did they shine here?

The erotic thriller Girls from Dubai captures the scandal that rocked conservative Poland in 2014. Around this time, news spread through the media that several Polish celebrities were earning extra money abroad, including in Dubai, in as luxury “companions”. The controversial topic also seems to have resonated strongly in Slovakia.

Girls from Dubai premiere was full of familiar faces

During the official premiere of the film Girls from Dubai, which took place on Tuesday August 9 at the CINEMAX Bory cinema in Bratislava, it was simply “crowded” with personalities from Slovak show business. Gabriela Ruman Drobová, for example, came to watch the premiere of the film capturing the so-called Dubai Affair, along with other famous faces from Fashion TV, led by Jasmina Alagič Vrbovská and Dominika Ducová.

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Jasmina Alagič Vrbovská at the premiere of the new film Girls from Dubai. Source:

There was also a male audience

The new Polish erotic film did not miss the presenter Iveta Malachovská, the actresses Zuzana Vačková and Lívia Bielovič or the famous tater tot Ivana Beláková. The male part of the audience was also interested in the topic, and among male celebrities, director Miro Drobný, producer Ľubomír Slivka and the most watched Slovak streamer Donato Moriconi appeared at the premiere.

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Miro Drobný with his girlfriend Laura at the premiere of the new film Girls from Dubai. Source:

Who else came to see the movie premiere? There were also those well-known personalities – Lívia Bielovič or the famous tater tot Ivana Beláková, and who else? See more photos in our gallery, including their chosen outfits:

What is the erotic thriller Girls from Dubai about?

The film Girls from Dubai tells the story of the young and ambitious Emi (Paulina Gałązka), who dreams of one day leaving the borders of her native country and establishing herself in the big world. When the opportunity to work in a luxury escort presents itself, she seizes it without hesitation. This opens a new unknown world to her, and with the quickly acquired money, she launches into her own business with Polish models, misses, singers and celebrities who will be the luxurious companions of a rich Arab sheikh. In this way, the girls enter a world where everything is possible and that a mere mortal cannot even imagine. However, this world full of golden glitter, luxury fashion brands, sex and big bank accounts will soon show them its true dark side…

The film is based on real events and the book of the same name by Polish investigative journalist Piotr Krysiak. It captures anonymous statements from girls who have gone abroad as exclusive “companions” to provide sexual services to wealthy Arabs. Among them, according to Krysiak, were also Polish models, beauty contest finalists, a well-known singer or a participant in the Top Model program. The identity of the “girls of Dubai” has not yet been revealed to the public, but in Poland, popular singer Iwona Węgrowska is most often associated with the Dubai affair, but she vehemently denies her participation in ” sex tours.

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Girls from Dubai movie trailer. Source:

Despite the controversial subject matter, the creators’ goal was not to moralize unnecessarily, but primarily to make a film appealing to audiences with a deeper idea. The main character Emi is supposed to be a kind of female equivalent of the Wolf of Wall Street, and her representative Paulina Gałązka laughingly calls her “the wolf of Warsaw”. “I play a thoroughbred character like the men in Martin Scorsese’s films. Few young actresses have the chance to play such a range of emotions,” confessed the talented Polish.

Come and enjoy the film on the big screen, which caused a stir in Polish society and now also in Slovakia. Dubai Girls will come to Slovak cinemas on August 11, 2022. Watch the trailer:

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