The film Girls from Dubai will show you how famous influencers make a living. You will not believe your eyes

Conservative Poland was rocked in 2014 by a scandal known as the Dubai Affair. Information spread through the media that several women in Polish show business earned extra money by satisfying the most secret sexual desires of wealthy Arabs in order to maintain their luxurious lifestyle. Their families and partners had no idea. The Dubai scandal will soon spill over to Slovakia as well.

However, not in connection with Slovak celebrities, but in a new film called Girls from Dubai, which will premiere in Slovakia on August 11, 2022. This erotic thriller captures the shocking truth about the lives of many Instagram beauties who show up on social networks with their perfect high life, full of exotic vacations and expensive clothes. But few have any idea of ​​the high price of their “chic” lifestyle…

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The so-called Dubai affair broke after the authors of blog TagTheSponsor launched a campaign to reveal where Instagram models get money for their luxurious lives. Bloggers have contacted celebrities around the world to offer them sex tours, posing as their organizers or as wealthy Arabs themselves. They were surprised that most women did not refuse their offers. At the same time, the authors of the campaign addressed the other party under fictitious profiles – wealthy people who used the services of these luxurious “companions”.

Conversations with the models and their sponsors were published on the Internet, and a megascandal was born. In neighboring Poland, the case was also accompanied by a lawsuit with real organizers of sex tours. They searched social networks for girls who, according to their photos, led an expensive life and had no problem revealing their bodies, then sent them abroad as exclusive “companions” for Arab sheikhs. Investigative journalist Piotr Krysiak published a book in 2018 titled Girls from Dubai. In it, some of the women who earned additional income in the mentioned manner also commented anonymously on the events.

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Piotr Krysiak had access to the investigation file and the names of the real “Dubai girls” during the trial. In his controversial book, he writes that among them were Polish models, beauty contest finalists, a well-known singer and a participant in the Top Model program. According to Krysiak, many of these women had partners at home, and some even had husbands or children. They had no idea of ​​the “earning activity” of their spouses. Most of the girls claimed in front of their families that they were going abroad for photo shoots, car shows or construction fairs.

The identity of the “Dubai girls” has not yet been revealed to the public, but in the Polish tabloids, popular singer Iwona Węgrowska is most often associated with the Dubai scandal, but she vehemently denies her participation in sex trips . Among the clients of the “Dubai girls” were millionaires and even billionaires from the United Arab Emirates. Often they were even politicians or representatives of the royal family. They demanded a wide variety of sexual services from young and beautiful women, mainly from Central and Eastern Europe – from classic intercourse and anal intercourse to group sex, coprophilia or sadomasochism. They paid their VIP “companions” royally for these – with money, but also with expensive clothes, handbags, shoes and other luxuries.

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The new Girls from Dubai movie was inspired by the aforementioned book by Piotr Krysiak. It tells the gripping story of student Emi, an ambitious young woman who dreams of one day leaving the borders of her native country and settling in the big world. When the opportunity arises to work in a luxury escort, she seizes it without hesitation. This opens up a new unknown world to her, and with the quickly acquired money, she launches headlong into her own business with Polish models, misses, actresses and celebrities who are supposed to be the luxurious “companions” of a rich Arab sheik. In this way, the girls enter a world where everything is possible and that ordinary mortals cannot even imagine. At first glance, their days look like a dream come true – they’re full of exotic vacations, parties, expensive clothes, sex, and money that just keeps pouring in. However, the tax on luxury living is too high.

The erotic film Girls from Dubai will take you to a mysterious and impenetrable world full of sinful luxury. You won’t believe it until you see it with your own eyes. Already on August 11 in Slovak cinemas.



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