The most difficult thing for me is to believe in myself, I constantly doubt myself, Slovak actress Rachel Šoltésová honestly revealed more behind the scenes of acting life in our country

Playing is not easy, as in any profession, you have to know how to sell yourself.

Rachel Šoltésová (24 years old) is a talented and beautiful young actress, whom you certainly know from TV screens or theater. She has starred in several series and is currently starring in Druha šanča alongside great actors such as Janko Koleník and Vladimír Kobielsky. She also created the role in The Professor or in the film Mlčanie. We managed to interview her for a bit and in the interview she reveals:

– how she became an actress

– what she likes to play the most

– what are her dreams as an actress

– what is its relationship with fashion

– how he takes care of his body

– if she is in love and what she considers to be the key to a relationship

Rachel, did you always know you wanted to be an actress?

Not always, at 9 years old, I declared for the first time that my dream was to be an actress in Slovakia (laughs).

How did your acting career begin?

When I was 8, I started doing a musical at Basic Art School, and that’s when I started loving it. Since then I got involved in amateur theater, I stopped doing it for a while because I doubted my future as an actress, and finally years later I went to admissions at VŠMU . They took me there to surprise me and now I’m here.

What do you find most difficult about acting?

The hardest thing for me is to believe in myself. I constantly wonder what belongs to him, but sometimes I find it difficult to be convinced that what I do, I do it well and above all that it makes sense. I’m not really convinced, but I try to do what I can and above all to be honest and as truthful as possible.

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Rachel Soltésová Source: Instagram: rachelsonnn

Do you have acting dreams, with whom and where you would like to play?

Of course, my dream is to perform with my biggest acting idols, but I keep my feet on the ground and take advantage of every opportunity, and every actor in Slovakia is a big inspiration for me, because you can learn something from everything the world.

In my opinion, a lot of people don’t know what an actor’s job entails, especially when it comes to casting. Can you describe how it works in such a cast? What do you need to learn?

You first have to familiarize yourself with the character and the situation, but you don’t always have this information before the casting. In particular, you have to learn the text and be prepared for embarrassment and shame (laughs).

How do you remember all the lyrics, do you have a particular technique?

For me, it’s easier to learn the lyrics during the rehearsal process, but it’s harder during the filming. I always get out of it one way or another, I have to.

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Rachel Soltésová Source: Instagram: rachelsonnn

What don’t people know about you, do you have a secret trait or skill?

I don’t know if it’s a skill, but I like to fix things around the house, assemble furniture, etc.

How would you describe yourself, how are you?

Every day is different (laughs), especially I try to be a good person and I work on it every day.

What do you perceive to be the most positive and perhaps the most negative about yourself?

Probably the most positive thing is that I like cleaning and the negative thing is that I can’t respond to messages for a long, long time (laughs).

You look super cool, how do you take care of your body, exercise, eat healthy?

I really don’t do anything. Right now I’m trying to eat healthier, but what’s really bad is that I don’t exercise a lot, and I’d like to change that.

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Rachel Soltésová Source: Instagram: rachelsonnn

And you and fashion, which style best describes you?

Essentially comfortable pieces. It is a priority for me. What best describes me is that I don’t care what I wear (laughs).

What wouldn’t we find in your wardrobe?

Hmm, probably expensive handbags and heels.

What is the most expensive piece in your closet?

The most expensive piece is definitely a winter jacket, which I have of good quality because I hate being cold.

Do you also support second-hand fashion?

Certainly yes, I have a lot of second-hand things and nowadays you have to reduce the purchase of new clothes.

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Rachel Soltésová Source: Instagram: rachelsonnn

Are you more of a believer in quality or quantity?

Of course, I’d rather say quality, but I’m not going to lie, I also have some lower quality stuff and more, especially the summer ones, which I sweat on quickly, and with today’s temperatures, I change clothes three times a day, so quantity is key.

What about you and your relationships, do you have someone now?

I have and am very happy and grateful :).

What is most important to you in a relationship?

Many things are important. You need to be a partner, kick for the same team, have the same values, respect your partner’s hobbies and interests, and most importantly, have genuine love and chemistry between you.

How would you describe the man of your dreams?

The one I have now. Kind, loving, intelligent, responsible, funny, friendly, helpful and calm.

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