The reality show changed my life: I wouldn’t change this experience, mainly because I found love there, Xénia Gregušová revealed more about her life

Xénia Gregušová in an interview for about how Farma and Survivor changed her life.

She didn’t expect it, but their lives collided…

Xénia Gegušová has known up to two Slovak reality TV shows. First it was the Farm, where she found love, then she decided to go to Survivor, where she even drastically lost weight – she also told us about this in an honest interview. How is she today? She revealed that she and her boyfriend are about to take a big step, but we also talked about her relationship with fashion and how she takes care of her body. Read the interview with the dancer Xénia…

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Xénia Gregusová Source: Instagram: xenia_gregusova

Xénia, how would you rate your performance in reality TV Farma and Survivor?

It changed my life. It brought a friend into my life, whom I met there. It also opened another door for me. Thanks to Farma, I was also able to participate in the reality show Survivor, and I am grateful for that. I certainly wouldn’t change it.

What surprised you the most at the Farm, maybe there was something you weren’t quite comfortable with?

Nothing really surprised me, I was just uncomfortable that we were under the cameras all day, things like that when we were showering and the like, that wasn’t quite right for me, but otherwise nothing bothered me there. I always wanted to go to camp when I was little and never went, and it was an adult camp. I really enjoyed there.

Thanks to being on a reality show, you have a pretty strong Instagram and you already have 270,000 followers, which is a nice number. Is Instagram your source of income?

Instagram is currently my only source of income.

All of Slovakia had the opportunity to see your mega figure. Tell us how you take care of your body? What do you do to look so good?

I had a brutal figure. Probably even before Survivor (laughs). When I was on this show, I lost a lot of weight, from 57 kilograms to 49. Then I gained extra weight and not bad, I was about 12 kilograms more than my normal weight. However, I have not yet managed to lose weight.

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Xénia Gregusová Source: Instagram: xenia_gregusova

From the size of your belly, I’m guessing you exercise regularly, right?

Yes, Luky and I are going to crossfit. It is also our hobby. We like him a lot, but now, for a month or two, he doesn’t do that much, because we spend all our free time renovating the apartment, so the exercise has been put aside. Even if we happen to have a day off, we don’t want it. However, I believe that when we finish the apartment, we will find it.

What do you like the most in a friend?

I love it so much overall. From the first moment it was good. We could always talk for long hours. Basically, we’re together 24 hours a day and we still have a lot to say to each other, we have more or less the same opinions on things. And I know he likes me, that’s the main thing.

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Xénia Gregusová Source: Instagram: xenia_gregusova

Are there things you disagree on?

In my opinion, there is no such thing. We have great communication in our relationship, which I consider the basis of a relationship. Even if something bothers us, we always talk about it and that’s fine.

What is your relationship with fashion? How would you describe your style of dress?

I like when I feel especially comfortable. On normal days, I choose jeans and a loose t-shirt and a sweatshirt. Of course, when there is an occasion, I like to dress up as a lady and put on a dress and high shoes.

Is there anything we can’t find in your wardrobe?

In my opinion, there is no such thing. Some things some people don’t like, I like that. For example, when something is too glittery or similar. When I was shooting various dance videos, I always wanted to wear something extravagant.

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Xénia Gregusová Source: Instagram: xenia_gregusova

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