The world has gone purple crazy. The latest devices are in

Samsung has equipped the new generation of the Galaxy Z Flip4 foldable phone and the new Galaxy Buds2 Pro headphones with the purple color. In addition, recycled materials have been used in their manufacture. The upgraded phone comes with a revised design which is sleeker than before. Along with the hot news, the company is also introducing new smartwatches.

A foldable phone with which you can take a photo from any angle

The new model is perfect for creatives, for whom the smartphone offers many options for unique mobile experiences that cannot be had with any other phone on the market. Moreover, it also looks very good. Samsung’s generation of foldable phones is famous for its innovative photo and video modes such as FlexCam or QuickShot. With their help, you can create original photos or videos from different angles, even without using your hands. Thanks to the partnership with the Meta company, you can view the photos you have created in popular applications such as Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp and share them with your friends.

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Galaxy Z Flip4Source: Samsung

Compared to the previous version, the camera is significantly improved and has a sensor capable of capturing 65% more light, allowing you to enjoy brighter and sharper photos. With the Galaxy Z Flip4 model you often don’t need your hands and you can do everything you need comfortably on the front screen. Whether it’s making a call or replying to messages, you don’t need to open the phone at all. Moreover, you can customize the front display to your liking by placing your favorite images, GIFs or videos. The overall design of the phone has also been revamped, which is sleeker than before thanks to smooth edges, matte glass and shiny metal frame.

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Galaxy Z Flip4Source: Samsung

You don’t even have to worry about the phone quickly draining which lasts longer than previous models because it hides a larger capacity 3700mAh battery. Additionally, Samsung is sticking to its Galaxy Commitment to the Planet and using recycled materials from discarded fishing nets when making new phones. Compared to the previous generation Z Flip4, the packaging itself has also been significantly changed, which is currently 52.8% smaller. With this step, Samsung saved up to 10,000 tons of carbon emissions in 2022.

New to the market, it will be sold in grey, purple, gold and blue. The suggested retail price for the variant with the lowest internal memory capacity is €1,099. The version with a memory capacity of 256 GB is available at the recommended retail price of €1,159 and the model with the largest internal memory capacity at the recommended retail price of €1,279.

Take advantage of the price reduction

Samsung is again offering an attractive discount when pre-ordering the new foldable phone with a flexible screen Galaxy Z Flip4 until August 25, 2022. Through the use of the discount purchase of an old device with the Samsung bonus , you can save hundreds of dollars. The amount of the redemption bonus depends on the device sold and also on the new device pre-ordered on or in Samsung branded stores. The maximum amount of the bonus in case of Galaxy Z Flip4 pre-order is 300 euros. Bonus action conditions and rules can be found at

Stylish headphones with great sound and great features

In addition to the new smartphone, Samsung is also launching the latest Galaxy Buds2 Pro headphones, which stand out for their excellent sound, sleek true wireless design, improved design and trouble-free connection. The headphones are 15% smaller than the previous model, and thanks to their ingenious design, you don’t have to worry about them falling out. The Galaxy Buds2 Pro have the ability to switch the connection from one device to another. However, the possibility of connecting to a TV, offered by the Auto Switch function, is completely new. If you manage to misplace the headphones somewhere, you don’t have to worry about not being able to find them. SmartThings Find will help you solve this problem. Like smartphones, headphones are made from recycled materials, which make up 90% of their bodies. The novelty from Samsung will be available in three color variants – graphite, white and purple, and their recommended retail price is 229 euros.

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Galaxy Buds2 ProSource: Samsung

With a smartwatch, you are always in control of your health

Also new to the market is a pair of Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch5 Pro smartwatches with new analytical functions and improved settings.

Thanks to the Samsung BioActive Sensor, you can check your heart activity, blood oxygen saturation or current stress level at any time. A pleasant bonus is the ability to measure blood pressure or ECG. The body composition measurement feature will tell you more about the overall body structure and your health, within which you will get a detailed insight into the different body components.

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Galaxy Watch5 ProSource: Samsung

Thanks to the Sleep Scores function, the new Galaxy Watch5 monitors the different stages of sleep and can also detect snoring. It is also worth mentioning the Sleep Coaching advanced sleep training program, with which you can significantly improve its quality. They will also ensure your safety and if you fall out of bed, they will automatically contact your loved ones. You don’t even have to worry about battery drain because the watch has 13% more capacity. Samsung has also worked on durability, and for the first time in the history of smartwatches, it has used a display with Sapphire Crystal protective glass, whose outer layer is 60% harder.

Samsung has prepared the Galaxy Watch5 Pro model for active people and lovers of outdoor adventures. The aforementioned display with sapphire crystal was also used for the production of this model. The watch stands out not only for its durable construction, but also for having the longest-lasting battery in the entire Galaxy Watch series, which is 60% larger than its predecessor. They also support GPX format, with which you can easily download all routes, and in addition, you can share them with friends in the Samsung Health app. If you want to return home by the same route, you don’t have to enter anything on the map and the watch will guide you back home on its own thanks to the Track Back function.

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Galaxy Watch5Source: Samsung

The Galaxy Watch 5 will be sold in black, blue and silver, with an RRP starting at €299. You can pick up a higher-tier model in a titanium black and gray variant with an RRP of €469.

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