This is how you can attract success into your life and finally achieve your dreams! Do you know the secret of the law of attraction?

Do you set yourself new and unprecedented goals, you have predetermined ambitions, but in the end you never achieve what you wanted? Apparently the problem will be that you don’t consider the message. How to achieve your dreams?

How to achieve your dreams?

Focus on whether you’re setting real goals or just making resolutions. You might be surprised, but there really is a big difference. Resolutions tend to vanish very easily from general thoughts and settings. For example, a resolution is when you say to yourself “I’m going to quit smoking” or “I’m going to eat healthier”. You know full well how many times you’ve said something similar to yourself, and yet you still don’t follow through with it completely (or at all) — plus, following through on those resolutions isn’t measurable.

While these resolutions contain the intention to improve, and it is certainly okay to stick to them, in reality, facing these shortcomings does not lead to the fulfilling and rewarding life you desire.

If you want to make a difference, you need a clear goal

Setting goals is a much more effective tool than resolutions – if you’re trying to make real change. You may have heard that a well-defined goal is a half-done goal. The second step is to create a plan – the more detailed the better and will help you get where you want to go.

Break down the goal into smaller steps

In order to actually achieve your goal, break down your plans into smaller steps. It’s ideal if the success of individual steps can be measured – find a way to do this. Let’s take the example of a newbie salesperson from a company that is supposed to sell its products.

To negotiate 5 successful sales per week and thus reach his monthly quota, he must manage at least 100 phone calls per week. If he wants to increase success, he knows he has to increase the number of phone calls. So the path to success for him might be 120 or 150 calls a week. If he succeeds, he knows he is closer to the goal – to increase his income.

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How to support dreams that seem impossible to achieve?

Regardless of what stands in the way of these dreams (education, finances, time, other means), the desire persists. Already when you create an idea of ​​​​these dreams, you realize that success does not always depend only on you. Therefore, achieving these dreams requires faith in an external supporting force greater than yourself.

Whether we call this force energy, divinity, or the mysterious forces of the universe, it helps us on our journey to achieve our goal of relaxing in the knowledge that we don’t have to accomplish everything on our own. It is this awareness that gives us the courage to pursue our dreams, which seem unattainable.

How does the law of attraction work?

Let’s take another example. Your colleague has always wanted to go to China with the whole family. He wanted to see the local architecture and of course the Great Wall. However, he was the only income in the family, his daughter was studying at university – there was simply no money left for such a trip. Nevertheless, he did not give up on his dream.

What to do in such a situation? Place on your dream and wish board an image that signifies a dream come true. In this case, it’s a photo of a smiling family walking along the Great Wall. And now the law of attraction kicks in – spend a few minutes each day living your dream, in our example of what it’s like to be in China with your family. Feel the joy, imagine the things you can feel and the sounds you can hear.

The path to the goal often opens from an unexpected direction

This daily attunement to the feelings of your dream will help you integrate the vision into your real life. Interestingly, most of the time it doesn’t go as planned. In the case of a colleague who wants to go to China with his family, this can be an example: his employer has opened a new site in China and wants him to go and train new employees directly on site (and it is possible to fly with the whole family). Or a relative offers him a week’s vacation in China because he can’t attend a trip he’s already booked and paid for.

Lessons learned? Don’t throw away your own dreams, even if they seem unrealistic. Imagine them coming true and attract them, bring them closer to make them a reality. Believe it or not, the law of attraction works and you can learn to work with it.

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