Trump backs Marjorie Taylor Greene after Twitter ban, ‘honest and patriotic’

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., has been suspended from Facebook and Twitter, with a 24-hour suspension placed on her account for allegedly violating the COVID-19 misinformation policy.

In a statement released Monday night by his PAC Save America, former President Donald Trump weighed in on Greene’s platform.

“Twitter is a disgrace to democracy. They should not be allowed to do business in this country. Marjorie Taylor Greene has a huge constituency of honest, patriotic, and hard-working people. They don’t deserve what happened to them on sites like Twitter and Facebook. Everyone should ditch Twitter and Facebook. They are boring, have only a radical leftist point of view and are hated by everyone. They are a disgrace to our nation. Keep fighting, Marjorie!

“A post violated our policies and we removed it; but deleting his account for this violation is beyond our policies,” Meta, Facebook’s parent company, wrote in a statement, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Following Twitter’s permanent shutdown of Greene’s personal Twitter account over the weekend, Facebook suspended his account for 24 hours.

“Facebook joined Twitter to censor me,” Greene told GETTR. “It goes beyond censorship of speech.

“I am an elected member of Congress representing more than 700,000 American citizens who pay taxes and I represent their voices, their values, I defend their freedoms and I protect the Constitution.

“But apparently they also think the CDC-run #VAERS system on our own government websites is misinformation. And to date, there has been NO investigation into reported COVID deaths from government-mandated #covid vaccines.

“Who appointed Twitter and Facebook as authorities of information and disinformation? When Big Tech decides what political speech by elected MPs is accepted and what is not, they are working against our government and against the interests of our people.

Greene also told GETTR that her personal Twitter account had been suspended twice due to Twitter’s five keystroke limit, and she demanded that it be restored.

“Twitter forgot the 2 times they accidentally suspended my account last year,” Greene said. “This means I only got 3 hits in their 5 hits system. Twitter needs to reinstate my account immediately.

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