Who is “For Governor” Kandiss Taylor’s husband?

Kandiss Taylor For Governor, a conservative candidate for governor of Georgia, the campaign bus had people reacting. Well, let’s meet Kandiss Taylor’s husband.

Kandiss Taylor’s husband is Ryan Taylor and they have three school-aged children together. She has frequently shared beautiful photos of her husband online.

Kandiss Taylor’s husband is a musical artist, producer and songwriter. Not much is known about Ryan. However, in 2020 he shared a video playing the guitar in support of his wife and telling people to vote for her.

Photo: Kandiss Taylor’s husband is Ryan Taylor

“Music has been my passion since a young age. It was more than rhythm or songs. It was a calling. When I was 8, I started playing the piano, which quickly developed into the ability to play by ear. As my joy of music grew, so did my desire to play other instruments, such as electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, and drums. Ryan Taylor tells how he got started in music.

“Music took shape when I was 10 and started writing Christian songs. I wanted to share God’s love with others. Over years of hard work and practice, I wrote hundreds of songs. I even learned how to film and edit videos for the sole purpose of sharing that music with others through free channels.

Kandiss Taylor and her husband / Photo credit: Instagram (@kandisstaylor) Kandiss Taylor family photo / Instagram Kandiss Taylor with her husband and three children.

He added, “The Lord has put in my heart the desire to reach the world for Jesus through my music. The passion that started as a child has never left. It only deepened as I matured in my relationship with God.

Kandiss Taylor for Governor Announcement Daughter of Kandiss Taylor / Photo credit: Instagram (@kandisstaylor)

Hero (2017), Say the name of Jesus (2017), the blood of Jesus (2017), Conquer the World (2014), Rock this party (2020), We need to get away (2020), Walk alone (2020) , and Who’s the girl, are songs released by Ryan.

Ryan Taylor has 1,600 Facebook followers and 110 Youtube subscribers.

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