Who is ‘Webtoon’ Park Tae-Joon? Author Lookism

Creating a webtoon or comic requires good skills in art, design, film and animation. We will talk about one of the South Korean manhwa artists.

Meet Park Tae-joon.

Who is Park Tae Joon?

Net worth$1 million Date of birth September 3, 1985 Place of birth South Korea Height 180 cm Weight 60 kg

Tae-Joon is a South Korean manhwa artist, author and Ulzzang. He is the author of Lookisme.

Since November 2014, Lookism has been published weekly on Naver WEBTOON. The plot centers on a high school student who has the ability to switch between two bodies: one fat and ugly and one fit and handsome.

Credit: Taejoon Park/Instagram

During an interview with Amino, Tae-Joon said he started drawing at a very young age. “I have loved to draw since I was a child. When I was 6-7 years old, I liked to copy the comics that my mother gave me. He said.

Artist Manhwa added, “I studied comics but quit because I can’t afford it. After that I tried many jobs; from doing business online, to modeling and watching on variety shows. But my interest in comic drawing rebounded when I discovered Line Webtoon. This digital platform makes it easier for everyone to participate and has a wider support for drawing. So, I decided to develop a webtoon from my experiences at school.

Park Tae-Joon said he chose bullying as the theme because “it was my experience as a kid. At this time, I like to be alone. Like Park Hyungsuk (Daniel) from Lookism, I moved to another school to get away from the problem.

Net worth of Park Tae-Joon

As of 2022, Park Tae-Joon’s net worth is $1 million.

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